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0penProductDB (OPDB)

Global full-featured open database of goods. Designed for the cryptocurrency era.
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April 16
May 28

1KCoin (1KCoin)

1KCoin is a private club of investors, with the goal of bringing friends together in a community that benefits from the experience of professional traders, b...
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March 1
April 30

Afterschool (AST)

Afterschool is a 2 sided blockchain-based marketplace that helps parents discover, plan and book the best afterschool activities for their children while at ...
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Sept. 26
Oct. 26

Ahoolee (AHT)

Ahoolee compares prices in online stores using a decentralized platform for collecting and indexing information from open sources with confirmation of authen...
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Aug. 28
Sept. 11

AirToken (AIR)

AirFox’s vision is to make the mobile internet more affordable and accessible and the biggest limitation for our customers is access to capital. AirFox is po...
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Sept. 19
Oct. 19

AlphaX (AX)

Alpha-X is an entirely new generation cryptocurrency based on Scrypt having complete Proof Of Stake (POS) network. The transactions made over Alpha-X blockch...
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Sept. 15
Jan. 31

Amos (AMOS)

AMOS will establish a number of smart gyms around the world. Through the cooperation with Strength Master Group, AMOS will apply many years of experience in ...
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Oct. 31
Nov. 13
Apollo Currency

Apollo Currency (Apollo)

Utilizing a community of world-class developers, managers, marketers and researchers, the Apollo community, backed by the Apollo Foundation, has set out to a...
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March 30
May 28

AriseBank (ACO)

Security is one of our core foundations. AriseBank™ is built on much more than just fingerprint, facial, and phone authentication; our processes and the arch...
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Nov. 25
Dec. 26

Atrix (ATRIX)

Atrix is a protection system for the Initial Crowdsale contributors. Its goal is to make projects more financialy transparent to its contributors, by offerin...
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Nov. 10
Nov. 20


Brain-computer Interfaces to train your brain, manipulate gadgets and enjoy new VR powerful games. BASIS NEURO is a platform for creating brain-controlled ga...
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Feb. 21
March 14

BCharity (CHAR)

BCharity is an international charity exchange that brings together individuals, funds and organizations from across the globe, providing an opportunity to he...
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April 1
April 30 (BCT)

World’s First Fiat-Crypto Exchange With An Integrated Digital Payment Solution. More than an exchange — our vision for is to empower the masses with...
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Sept. 1
Nov. 1

Betbox (OX)

Betbox is a fully decentralized ecosystem acting in various DApps with the assignment to provide a fully transparent, fair and yet challenging environment fo...
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Dec. 26
Jan. 9

betboxAI (BETX)

BetBox is a collective intelligence method for gambling on sports, aimed at providing precise evaluation of games outcomes probability. This method learns fr...
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Dec. 5
Jan. 16

BitCanna (BCNA)

The first phase of the BitCanna project is to create a decentralized payment network to solely serve the cannabis industry. The main goal is to provide an al...
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Nov. 1
Nov. 14

BlockAIp (BAIP)

BlockAIp will be a decentralized social networking and media platform powered by blockchain and backed by cryptocurrencies. First of all it is a social netwo...
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Oct. 1
Nov. 20

BlockBits (BBX)

Blockbits DAPP is an open-source crowd-fund/investing platform that is fully driven by blockchain code. It provides innovative mechanisms such as safe fundin...
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Feb. 1
Feb. 28

Blockonomics (BCK)

Blockonomics started as a wallet watcher and blockexplorer in 2015, and has been continuously innovating with the latest in Bitcoin technology. Blockonomics ...
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July 1
July 31

Bouncy (BOUNCY)

BouncyCoin games are social games that run on a universal blockchain that enables safe gambling behavior in a controlled environment and where Monetary succe...
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Sept. 1
March 1


BUILDCoin is the world’s first and only digital currency built specifically for the construction industry, backed by legally binding construction contracts. ...
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Jan. 3
Jan. 3


Builderium is a platform connecting construction workers and contractors clients. Builderium eliminates the inherently difficult and expensive techniques of ...
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July 23
Sept. 23

Caloriecoin (CAL)

Caloriecoin (CAL) is a crypto coin born out of sympathy for the humanity suffering from the Metabolic Syndrome. We estimate that the Metabolic Syndrome repre...
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May 1
May 31
Carbon Grid Protocol

Carbon Grid Protocol (CGRID)

Carbon Grid Protocol aims to decarbonize blockchains. Carbon Grid Protocol creates an economic framework to reward blockchain networks and DApps for offsetti...
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Aug. 31
Oct. 2

Cartographeum (CARTO)

Specially dApps will be integrated in GPS devices to connecting and verifying data into the blockchain. The GPS blockchain is automatically and dynamically m...
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March 1
Sept. 1

Checqit (CQT)

CHECQIT IS THE FIRST DECENTRALIZED PEER-TO-PEER LENDING PLATFORM that will allow you to grow your collateral against a fast guaranteed loan that will be inst...
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Feb. 21
March 21
Chelle Coin

Chelle Coin (CHL)

Chelle Corp. maximizes value and earning potential for our investors by acquiring premium real estate with devotion to detail, quality, and innovation. From ...
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Aug. 10
Aug. 30

ChronoBank (LH) is a blockchain project aimed to disrupt HR/recruitment/finance industry similar way as Uber revolutionised taxi business.
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Dec. 15
Feb. 15

Coinstocks (IOX)

At CoinStocks our mission is simple: Bring cryptocurrency investment opportunities to the masses. We believe that cryptocurrency and alternative coins are th...
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March 15
June 14

CoinStruction (CST)

CoinStruction is a multifunctional system, ensuring secure cryptocurrency exchange for crypto-exchange platforms. CoinStruction solves the problems of the in...
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Aug. 24
Nov. 1

concertVR (CVT)

Audiences attending concerts and festivals are reaching record highs and are expected to generate in 2017 sales above 1,1 bn USD in Germany alone. As venue c...
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Feb. 15
Feb. 22

CottageCoin (CTG)

The Cottage project offers the opportunity to BUY and RENT real estate built by SAIS BVBA, including custom-made in the territory of the European Union, for ...
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Nov. 27
Dec. 27


CPROP’s blockchain-powered workflow management system is a planned integration with property portals around the world to help deliver an unprecedented level ...
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April 30
May 10 (CIX100)

Cryptoindex is a new AI-powered platform built to, essentially, predict the next Bitcoin. It accomplishes this through the creation of a cryptocurrency marke...
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July 30
Oct. 17
Crypto Noda

Crypto Noda (CNOD)

Crypto Noda is the first automated hosting service for connection, activation, analytics and maintenance of masternode. The idea of the project is simple and...
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Aug. 27
Dec. 31

Cryptonomos (DSTT)

Doctor Smart is an ecosystem that empowers people to manage their healthcare wherever they are in the world, 24/7. Built on blockchain technology, our ecosys...
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April 17
May 15

CustomCoin (CC)

For a beginner entrepreneur, CustomCoin platform is an indispensable resource, the functionality of which will allow managing the entire cycle of negotiation...
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Oct. 12
Nov. 12


The Decentralized Audience Exchange (DAX) will launch with access to 100M+ unique consumer profiles monthly across 5,000+ brands. We're excited to integrate...
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Feb. 20
March 14 (NRN)

The decentralized artificial intelligence platform which allows anyone to connect to the network and train their own AI, by pushing deep learning to edge dev...
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Sept. 7
Sept. 27


ECOMI is a security, economy, and digital ecosystem, which utilizes blockchain technology in three primary areas – Protection of private keys, real-world cry...
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April 15
June 29
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