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2100NEWS (NWS)

The first news platform of the new economy, 2100NEWS delivers business and markets news, data, analyses, radio, podcasts and video to the world.
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Feb. 4
Feb. 28
Action Coin

Action Coin (ACTN)

The Action Coin Platform represents over 650,000 Action collectors and customers from more than 200 countries and territories. It is the basis of an incentiv...
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Feb. 9
Feb. 25

AcuteCoin (XAC)

Designed for mainstream adoption, the AcuteCoin platform will be an all-in-one solution for crypto geared towards maximizing client value. We intend to deliv...
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June 1
June 30

AffiliateCoin (AFL)

AffiliateCoin is here to revolutionise Affiliate Marketing, powered by the security, support and investment capacity of cryptocurrency. AffiliateCoin gives P...
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April 15
June 3

AIO.Community (AIOT)

AIO.Community is a decentralized platform for the safe ICO, where the community chooses a project through the open voting and determines the level of funding...
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Sept. 1
Oct. 31

Aitheon (AIC)

Aitheon intends to use AI and robotics to automate backend processes that are time consuming for businesses on a single, simple platform. Aitheon’s Miners wi...
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April 20
June 9

AlfaToken (ALFA)

AlfaToken is an automated, cryptographically secured, and cross-chain marketplace for the crypto economy that will allow to issue, borrow, lend, margin trade...
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Jan. 22
April 22

Anryze (RYZ)

Distributed Computing Network for Speech Recognition.
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Sept. 12
Oct. 12
Arium 2.0

Arium 2.0 (XRMT)

Arium 2.0 is a decentralized app for the Ethereum network which makes it possible to sell goods and services internationally for free. Human translation, pro...
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Jan. 11
March 31


ARROUND is a breakthrough communication platform and advertising network in booming augmented reality. It provides users with an attractive personalized worl...
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Feb. 27
May 1

ArtPro (APT)

ArtPro is creating the go-to marketplace for private dealers and contemporary artists, with a strong focus on emerging talent. The ArtPro platform aims to op...
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Sept. 10
Oct. 8

Athena (ATN)

A system for daytraders combining blockchain technology and neural data to eliminate emotional influences at critical moments.
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Oct. 12
Nov. 29
AtlantICO Network

AtlantICO Network (ATL)

AtlantICO is a decentralized medical blockchain platform. It brings medical goods and services quality to a new level, regulate prices and make all interacti...
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Aug. 1
Aug. 10


Asset Exchange Network (AXNET) is a licensed virtual currency to fiat exchange with a licensed virtual wallet platform based out of Estonia. We service our t...
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Aug. 1
Sept. 1


Brain-computer Interfaces to train your brain, manipulate gadgets and enjoy new VR powerful games. BASIS NEURO is a platform for creating brain-controlled ga...
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Feb. 21
March 14


We develop BeeQB - a universal platform for managing the business of trade in goods and services, based on the technology of blockchain and smart contracts. ...
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Aug. 11
Aug. 31

BehaviourExchange (BEX)

BehaviourExchange is able to adjust the content on company website in real time and show different content to each individual visitor, according to each visi...
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Feb. 23
May 31


BELDEX, a privacy enabled cryptocurrency, is ushering in a decentralised startup stack for a plethora of businesses.
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May 1
May 31

Berith (BRT)

Berith business platform supports diverse membership businesses in a complex business environment. It constitutes and provides stable and systematic platform...
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March 26
March 30

Betform (GEM)

Betform is a social betting platform powered by Smart Contracts. This is a peer to peer gaming platform and no middleman involved. We connect blockchain tech...
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Oct. 1
Oct. 31 (BC)

Beverage Cash – wine and craft alcohol trading platform with integrated social ecosystem and counterfeit protection. The Beverage Cash project is an infr...
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Sept. 30
Dec. 31

Binary (BINARY) is the pioneer of online binary options trading. We grew from one simple idea: to make binary options easily accessible to retail investors worldw...
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Nov. 14
Dec. 24

BitCAD (BitCad)

This decentralized governance model places individuals, industry, non-commercial interests and government on an equal level. Unlike more traditional, top-dow...
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May 25
June 24


BITRACE INVESTMENTS LTD is a British investment company based in London, UK, which is a member of KJ Holdings Corp. The company is in process of developing t...
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Jan. 25
Feb. 25

BitSong (BTSG)

BitSong is a platform, that will be built using the Ethereum blockchain and the IPFS distributed file system. BitSong will provide the user with the possibil...
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May 14
July 2

BlueGold (BG)

In the spirit of the Blockchain freedom and independence, BlueGold offers cruises dedicated to the crypto-universe. Sailing from one business capital to t...
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May 21
July 31
Bounty Angels

Bounty Angels (BANG)

Our task is to create the platform that will automatically control activities of the Bounty Hunters and calculate their remuneration, automatically upload a ...
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Sept. 3
Oct. 3

Bryllite (BRC)

Give gamers ownership of game assets. Distributed database beyond the boundaries of the game. Provide fast and safe trading of game assets without tran...
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April 16
June 30

BuddToken (BUDD)

A scalable and Canadian blockchain-based banking platform for the global cannabis industry. It enables our users, participating merchants, and users to make ...
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June 4
June 24

BuratinoBS (BUR)

Multi-mining system for SHA-256 and SCRYPT Multi-miner Papa Carlo with the high productivity and energy efficient 7nm node chip is manufactured with the c...
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Aug. 1
Aug. 15

Capital (CALL)

After many years of evolution, the Network has revolutionised the computer and communications world like nothing before; we became capable of interacting wit...
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July 1
Sept. 29

Cartographeum (CARTO)

Specially dApps will be integrated in GPS devices to connecting and verifying data into the blockchain. The GPS blockchain is automatically and dynamically m...
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March 1
Sept. 1

Cointed (CTD)

COINTED is building a bridge between the cryptocurrency world and the real world. Even though cryptocurrencies have brought a whole new dimension in creating...
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Oct. 20
Nov. 19
Crypto Circle X

Crypto Circle X (CCX)

Crypto Circle X is powered by a superior technological algorithm that is capable of high performance trading with over 10 million transactions per second, A....
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Sept. 17
Sept. 22
Cryptonia Poker

Cryptonia Poker (CPC)

Cryptonia Poker brings together the thrill of poker with the transparency and value of cryptocurrency in an online poker room that is based on blockchain tec...
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April 10
April 30

CyteCoin (CTC)

CyteCoin - a crypto-currency that builds the underlining infrastructure layer of AR/VR/360 advertising ecosystem. Through the tokenization, content producers...
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May 7
June 6
DarcMatter Coin

DarcMatter Coin (DMC)

DarcMatter is the first truly decentralized global platform for the alternative fund investment industry. DarcMatter already has a global presence with usage...
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March 22
May 7


The Decentralized Audience Exchange (DAX) will launch with access to 100M+ unique consumer profiles monthly across 5,000+ brands. We're excited to integrate...
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Feb. 20
March 14

Dbrain (DBR)

Dbrain is an open blockchain platform that links crowdworkers and data scientists enabling them to transform raw data into real-world AI solutions. Crowdwork...
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Dec. 15
March 31
Dribble Payments

Dribble Payments (DRB)

Dribble is a new payment method, designed to support payment after receiving your product. Pay afterwards with Dribble Tokens or fiat currencies, when it sui...
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June 16
Oct. 1
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