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CUBE is a security platform for autonomous vehicles based on blockchain technology. Autonomous cars rely heavily on wireless communication techniques, such a...
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Jan. 18
Feb. 18

CuraToken (CTKN)

CuraServe™ is a complete healthcare ecosystem that improves drug adherence and brings game-changing benefits to patients and healthcare providers. We use a s...
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June 1
June 8

CVerification (CVER)

CVerification helps employers make informed and safe recruitment decisions and identify the best-qualified candidates before going ahead with the selection p...
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May 13
June 10

DeNet (DNet)

DeNet is a completely decentralized data storage & web hosting service. We are targeting at building a new decentralized network for providing and leasing IT...
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June 1
July 15


DIGIT Solutions is the most powerful Total Blockchain-Based Digital Marketing Solutions and specifically designs to deliver the digital marketing solutions f...
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Dec. 8
Dec. 28

DineroCoin (Dinerocoin)

Dinerocoin is a Peer-to- Peer Transactions for both fiat and cryptocurrencies, which aims to revolutionize the financial market, ecommerce industry and crypt...
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Feb. 4
March 6

E2C (E2C)

Electronic Energy Coin is a blockchain-based trading platform for green technology. E2C is built according to the ERC-20 token standards, which is used by th...
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Sept. 1
Dec. 31

Ebosia (XEBS)

Real-Time Application: Using our smartphone application, you will be able to find available charging stations at real-time, being able to reserve one with a ...
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May 4
June 23

eByte (EBYTE)

The eByte project is developing a consortium blockchain, in cooperation with Draglet, to establish the first international monetary system specifically desig...
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June 1
June 30

Elisia (ELSA)

Elisia is the most exciting development in the blockchain world since Satoshi Nakamoto unleashed Bitcoin in 2008. Elisa provides lightning fast transactions ...
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Nov. 30
Jan. 19
Eniac Network

Eniac Network (ENC)

A decentralized privacy coin based on blockchain technology. The primary objective of this project is to implement a fingerprint and facial recognition syst...
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April 21
May 21

Enkronos (ENK)

"Enkronos Apps” is a Blockchain-based accountability system that ensures ethical behavior, complete protection of personal data and privacy and then it is th...
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June 14
July 16
Era Swap Token

Era Swap Token (EST)

The journey of Era Swap began with research from the Kmpards team—the core team behind the formation of the Era Swap token and its ecosystem. The team determ...
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Sept. 2
Nov. 30
Ethernal Heroes

Ethernal Heroes (MAGE)

Ethernal Heroes is the first cross-platform CCG game that uses blockchain technology and its own cryptocurrency called MAGE. Ethernal Heroes is a unique card...
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Feb. 14
May 31

Eurocoinpay (ECT)

Eurocoinpay es una aplicación desarrollada bajo la más tendente tecnología que permite poder pagar y cobrar cualquier servicio o producto que compres o contr...
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March 1
Oct. 31

Exscudo (EON)

We strive to create a platform, which unites the world of traditional finance and the cryptocurrency market. Our main goal is to create an easy-to-use, fast,...
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April 25
May 31

Flexion (FXN)

Flexion (FXN) is a real utility token based on ERC20 (Ethereum) that is offered by to its investors in the crowd sale supplemented with various features.Flex...
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Sept. 25
Oct. 25
Fund Platform

Fund Platform (FUND)

Fund Platform is a fintech platform for creating trade and investment cryptocurrency funds (hereinafter referred to as CF) on the decentralized, convenient a...
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Dec. 10
Dec. 25

Gaus (GAUS)

GAUS is the first blockchain platform in the world allowing anyone to buy new vehicles directly from manufacturers with up to a 30% discount. This was made p...
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Aug. 15
Aug. 25


Gifto Protocol - The Universal Gifting Protocol is envisioned to be a self-governing and self-sustaining ecosystem for virtual gifts to be created, curated, ...
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Dec. 14
Dec. 14
Global Risk Exchange

Global Risk Exchange (RISK)

Global Risk Exchange (or "GRE") is a blockchain based, decentralized and open global risk exchange market, with the purpose of helping individuals, companies...
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May 18
June 18

GlobexSCI (GSI)

Globex Sci is an ecosystem for storage and use of scientific papers allowing to exchange experience and knowledge and also to teach and launch neural network...
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Feb. 7
March 7
GN Compass

GN Compass (GNCT)

GN Compass is a peer-to-peer lending platform that provides Cryptocurrency-Backed Loans TM to create constant liquidity in the lending market. This is accomp...
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April 9
April 30
GSC Platform

GSC Platform (GSCP)

The main source of expenses of companies is related about purchases and it is up to 80% of the total expenses. The current supply chain process is full of te...
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Sept. 1
Jan. 24


The 'Black Box' for Smart Cities and Smart Buildings. The HAB Platform offers a blockchain-based notarization solution to securely register sensitive data...
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Aug. 28
Sept. 28


Our mission began within the agriculture and food sector and continues toward overall sustainability for the world’s most socially impactful sectors. The...
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Aug. 1
Sept. 15
Hash Rush

Hash Rush (RC)

Hash Rush is a first of it's kind game in which your performance earns you real world cryptocurrency.
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Sept. 20
Oct. 20

Healthbank (HBE)

healthbank provides a safe and secure ecosystem for users to store their sensitive health data, to have access to the entirety of it and to decide with whom ...
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Sept. 17
Nov. 1
IAME Identity

IAME Identity (IAM)

IAME is a blockchain company from Mauritius, the tropical island located off the eastern coast of Africa. The company is pioneering identity verification and...
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April 18
May 20

Indigen (IDGT)

Indigen is the very first cryptocurrency and blockchain project designed specifically for the indigenous people. As a donation cryptocurrency, portion of the...
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Jan. 1
Jan. 31
Innovative Bioresearch

Innovative Bioresearch (INNBC)

Innovative Bioresearch Ltd is a privately held biotech company founded by research scientist Jonathan Fior, with the goal of bringing innovation to the field...
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May 1
June 15

IZIChain (IZI)

IZIChain is a Public Hybrid Blockchain hyperlink platform providing blockchain custom solutions for financial markets with social and real-life applications....
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Nov. 1
Jan. 29

Jincor (JCR)

Jincor is a platform which will allow any business to work with smart contracts and cryptocurrency payments easily with no legal, technical or operational co...
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Aug. 21
Aug. 28

JoyToken (JOY)

JoyToken is a platform and protocol that forms the foundation for a “trustless” gambling ecosystem wherein smart contracts are used to automatically determin...
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Dec. 1
March 19

Kamen (KNT)

Along with the development of science and technology today. The faster the life, the faster the demand for anonymity. The quicker it gets, the better. Rap...
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Dec. 19
Feb. 20
Karuna Network

Karuna Network (KARUNA)

Karuna is a decentralized, transparent and peer-to-peer social platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, for social and economic empowerment. Karuna is a me...
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Feb. 16
March 15
Kerberos ICO

Kerberos ICO (KRC)

The Kerberos Coin is a Altcoin Only mining company based in Gauteng South Africa. The South African Landscape for Crypto Farming is still in a very early sta...
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April 1
May 1

Kryptoro (KTO)

Here at Kryptoro cryptocurrency exchange our team has years of experience in building technology products for a multitude of clients. Kryptoro aims not only ...
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July 23
Sept. 30

LeoPays (LPC)

We are creating a social business network to simplify the work of Internet entrepreneurs, bloggers and regular users who want to make money on what they have...
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July 16
Sept. 9

Letsbet (XBET)

LetsBet represents a new type of software platforms: is a truly decentralized application (DAPP), running on the Ethereum blockchain. This means it can be do...
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July 7
Aug. 8
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