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Cryptoriya is the first blockchain based technology where users can exchange any cryptocurrency to cash within minutes from anywhere globally. CryptoRiya is a …
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May 15
June 10
crypto wealth

crypto wealth (CWJ)

CWJ is a token that will power SmartDigiSkills (SDS) an emerging markets focused mobile education platform with the mission to empower over 100 million student…
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June 1
Aug. 31

CyberTrust (CABS)

We help Banks buy Bitcoin without having to update their IT. Banks can not buy Bitcoin for legal and regulatory reason, because they do not now how to handle…
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Nov. 29
Dec. 3


The Global DAEX Foundation ( are the creators of DAEX (Digital Assets Exchange), an open and distributed clearing ecosystem for cryptocurrency exch…
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Sept. 9
Sept. 14
DarcMatter Coin

DarcMatter Coin (DMC)

DarcMatter is the first truly decentralized global platform for the alternative fund investment industry. DarcMatter already has a global presence with usage f…
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March 22
May 7

Dayta (XPD)

The Dayta vision is to solve multiple data protection, consent and privacy issues all at once. The team has designed a roadmap to build a secure, easy-to-use a…
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May 1
May 10
DeepWater Treasure Recovery

DeepWater Treasure Recovery (DWT)

We are launching DeepWater, a new project, which employs artificial intelligence for underwater pattern recognition. We plan to gather information about shipwr…
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Feb. 28
March 14

Dogezer (DGZ)

Imagine a service where you could start your dream project in a few clicks, get it done with the help of the best world experts, give these people a fair share…
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Sept. 1
Oct. 1

Drac (XDRAC)

Opening the gates of traditional economy to blockchain technology. The DRAC platform allows you to send your money everywhere in the world instantly and withou…
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Sept. 20
Oct. 20

DropDeck (DDD)

DropDeck is a royalty and debt financing platform for fast growing businesses with a pure smart-contract and token-incentivized mechanism to evaluate and fund …
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Nov. 21
Dec. 21


ECKO is being developed as a community based coin. VisionCPE20, Community Paradise 2020 providing virtual experience earning real time. 3 Products with high le…
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Feb. 2
May 5

Ecoingot (EGT)

We are developing a unique carbon data gathering methodology enabling us to compile a powerful data-driven engine – called ECOSISTM. ECOSISTM will deliver comp…
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Oct. 16
Jan. 31

eLocations (LOC)

eLocations disrupts the conventional listing market by providing a one-stop online solution for retail properties on global streets and centres. Furthermore, e…
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April 26
July 31

EncryptoTel (ETT)

Encrypto Telecom offers solutions for communication, contributing extensively to the ongoing global debate around privacy and civil liberties. Encrypted commun…
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April 24
May 31


ENTRY is a blockchain - based platform empowered by smart contracts; it which not only acts as a bank by offering easy deposits, payment and lending services, …
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May 3
May 10

Envoy (NVOY)

The disruptive trade finance marketplace, built to better global commerce, powered by blockchain. We have unified the old with the new by creating an interoper…
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Sept. 1
Nov. 30

Eqwity (EQY)

Eqwity is an ecosystem that encourages blockchain industry self-regulation by introducing the new ICO standard, decentralizing company governance and opening d…
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Nov. 8
Jan. 29

Etcetera (ERA)

The time is now. Cryptocurrency is everywhere, except in the pockets of the masses. The vast majority of people don't have access to cryptocurrency yet. They'v…
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Feb. 1
March 15

EtherSport (ESC)

EtherSport is a platform where people all over the world can place bets on sports events. The lottery mechanism is done through Ethereum contracts which guaran…
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Nov. 13
Nov. 20

EverLife.AI (EVER)

The concept of preserving one's legacy has been as old as man himself. With our short lifespan and limited years of productive work, most of us can't accomplis…
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Oct. 1
Oct. 15
EXXO Exchange

EXXO Exchange (EXXO)

EXXO is a cryptocurrency service exchange platform for the blockchain era who plans to become a leader of fairness in the new age of the Internet of Money, usi…
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Feb. 15
March 15

EyeGlob.Net (EYE)

EyeGlob.Net will provide an ecosystem consisting of social and professional networks and digital tools dedicated to eye health and customized for different sta…
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July 17
Aug. 7

Farasha (FLB)

Qualified engineers, cardiologists, international coaches and experts aiming to re-invent the way of avoiding CVDs (cardiovascular diseases). We started fir…
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Sept. 19
Oct. 20
Fiancia Coin

Fiancia Coin (FIN )

Fiancia is a UK based limited liability financial technology startup with the goal to launch copy trading platform for cryptocurrency and TV channel dedicated …
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March 1
June 15

Finafex (FNX)

Finafex is a state of the art crypto asset exchange custody and trade settlement platform that works as the crypto-arm of the Capital Investment Bank Ltd (CIBL…
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Dec. 1
Jan. 15

Finom (FIN)

Finom is a blockchain company formed as a result of merger of cryptotrading app Tabtrader, mining pool Nanopool, cryptocurrency exchange Cryptonit, brokerage a…
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Nov. 1
Nov. 14

Fishcoin (FISH)

To address the fragmentation of most seafood supply chains Fishcoin has been designed as a peer-to-peer network that allows independent industry stakeholders t…
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Sept. 17
Oct. 15

Followine (WINE)

Followine is an innovative Italian start-up founded in June 2017, with the aim of developing a system capable of effectively fight the phenomenon of wine count…
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Dec. 1
March 1
Free Crypto Lotto

Free Crypto Lotto (FCL)

The first ever free crypto lottery, powered by advertising.Each time a user watches an advert or enters a survey they receive a ticket, these are redeemable fo…
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May 27
Sept. 27
Fund Platform

Fund Platform (FUND)

Fund Platform is a fintech platform for creating trade and investment cryptocurrency funds (hereinafter referred to as CF) on the decentralized, convenient and…
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Dec. 10
Dec. 25


Gagapay Network aims to become the first blockchain-based build-your-own affiliate,referral, network marketing, loyalty and bounty program tool for: individual…
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April 23
April 24

Gamico (GMC)

Gamico is a platform where gamers can earn a living by playing video games. Gamers and game fanatics will be able to play, compete, and more importantly mo…
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Sept. 1
Sept. 15
Gastro Advisor

Gastro Advisor (FORK)

GastroAdvisor is a platform for research, recommendation and booking of restaurants and clubs with an ERC20 token-based economy that connects users and restaur…
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Aug. 1
Oct. 15

GIFcoin (GIF)

The GIF in GIFcoin stands for Gambling Investment Fund. This fund is backed by an already functioning betting website – Buying GIF Tokens from…
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Feb. 22
March 15


GIG9: the future of the global services industry, reimagined on the Ethereum blockchain technology. GIG9’s revolutionary platform will be first of its kind to…
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April 5
April 30
Gilgamesh Platform

Gilgamesh Platform (GIL)

Gilgamesh is a knowledge-sharing social platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain technology. The network shifts the way readers, critics, an…
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Jan. 15
March 26
Global Risk Exchange

Global Risk Exchange (RISK)

Global Risk Exchange (or "GRE") is a blockchain based, decentralized and open global risk exchange market, with the purpose of helping individuals, companies a…
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May 18
June 18

Grabity (GBT)

The limitations of speed and the constant increase in the size of ledger of current public Blockchain is limited to being established in reality, which results…
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Jan. 14
March 31
GraphGrail Ai

GraphGrail Ai (GAI)

GraphGrail Ai is the world's first artificial intelligence platform for blockchain built on the basis of natural language processing technologies with a market…
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Feb. 19
May 25

Greentoken (GTN)

Greentoken - is a crypto-currency mining with lifelong free green electricity, based on an innovative waste-processing plant with a 100% recycling capacity, wi…
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Sept. 15
Oct. 15
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