1SG (1SG)
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Platform Ethereum

1SG is a stable coin, issued by the Mars Blockchain Group which overcomes the problems of today's cryptocurrencies, while providing open, transparent, efficient KYC/AML process. With the key features of stable value and high liquidity, Marsblockchain is a startup committed to becoming a leading stable coin in global cryptocurrency market. 1SG circumvents the volatility of other major cryptocurrencies by maintaining a fixed peg to $1 SGD through financial markets.

2018 Sept

Preparation of digital currency and eWallet technology completed.

2018 Oct

Launch of global roadshows.

Release of 1SG Whitepaper.

Open beta testing of eWallet.

2018 Nov

1SG legal opinion released.

Uploading of eWallet.

2018 Dec

Preparing for ICO.