Aira (AIRA)
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Token Sale May 25, 2017 - June 11, 2017
TrackICO Rating 2.6 / 5
Token price Unspecified
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Autonomous intelligent robot agent (AIRA) project which implements the standard of economic interaction between human-robot and robot-robot via liability smart contract. Aira makes it possible to connect a variety of different robots to the market of robot's liabilities which existing in Ethereum for the direct sale of data from robot sensors, ordering of unmanned land, sea and air freight / passenger logistics services and organization ordering of personalized products at fully automated enterprises. Lifestyle Banks, websites aggregators of real estate, medical organizations are ready to purchase data from various citizens sensors. It is better to create a transparent market for those who want to do this, than they will look for other ways to collect this data. The autonomous DHL truck must be able to interact with the Amazon warehouse robot. Let the robots conclude contracts and make payments independently from humans — fast, logically and cost-effectively.

Roadmap is missing.