Angenium (ANG)
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Token Sale Sept. 1, 2018 - Sept. 30, 2018
ICOMarks Rating 7.9 / 10 ICOBench Rating 2.7 / 5
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Token price 1 ENG = 1 USD
Platform Ethereum

A unique project of the efficiently extract of noble and rare metals, silicon oxides, aluminum and iron from man-caused waste.
We recycle waste, saving the environment from pollution. From the mass of waste, we get a product of high cost. This becomes possible because of the use of a unique sorbent that extracts precious metals with maximum selectivity and is suitable for all types of waste. Today, this technology is absent at the market and has no analogues.


Laboratory establishment.

2014- 2017

R&D,development and confirmation of technology.

2017- 2018

Creating and improving of experimental sample.

June-August 2018

Private round of fund-raising (before Pre-ICO).

September -October 2018


October-December 2018


December 2018

Listing on stock exchanges.

June-November 2018

Selection of a space to build a factory.

November 2018 - May 2019

Design and survey works.

May-August 2019

Construction and installation works.

June-August 2019

Delivery and installation of equipment.

September 2019

Commissioning works.

December 2019

Entry to a planned capacity.

June 2020

Buy-back of tokens

June-September 2020

Searching for the new locations for factories.

October 2020

Factories construction in new locations.