Apla (APL)
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Token Sale Nov. 1, 2018 - July 27, 2019
TrackICO Rating 4.1 / 5 ICOMarks Rating 6.7 / 10 ICOBench Rating 4.0 / 5
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Token price 1 APL = 5 EUR
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The Apla’s mission is to facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain technology by small & medium sized enterprises that will drive innovation, better use of human capital and positive changes in the society.

Apla blockchain is a secure, simple and compliant blockchain infrastructure for a fastgrowing global collaborative economy segment. SMEs will benefit from reducing operational costs and go-to-market time, fundraising solutions at an early development stage, automation of business processes, integrated settlement system, AML/CFT compliant infrastructure, trustless cooperation, business scalability and global reach of their products and services to end customers.

Apla Company:
- HQ in Luxembourg with offices in Dubai and Moscow
- More than 30 IT Developers
- The winner of the award ”Blockchain Solution Provider of the Year 2018” at #SmartSMBAwards#Dubai
- 7 years of blockchain development experience
- More than 20 proof-of-concepts on blockchain, including land registry, vehicle registry, certificates issue, digital right management platform, voting system, supply chain management solution, issue of securities, payment platform
- Engaged for building blockchain solutions for governments & public corporations in India, the UAE, Kenya, Nigeria and Russia

October 2016

Symvolio and Prototypo programminglanguages and the Molis software client.

December 2016

Language resources, export-import of applications.

June 2017

Basic applications for ecosystems.

October 2017

Visual Interface Designer.

February 2018

Completion of the platform source code development, technical audit, and AML/FT compliance verification.