Arizn (AALT)
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Pre-Sale June 26, 2018 - July 26, 2018
Token Sale July 26, 2018 - Sept. 26, 2018
ICOMarks Rating 8.9 / 10 TrackICO Rating 4.3 / 5 ICOBench Rating 3.4 / 5
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price 1 AALT = 0.0001 ETH
Platform Ethereum

Arizn is creating ÖAsys, a crowdfunding platform that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. A completely transparent distributed ledger that is publicly view-able by anyone.

ÖAsys uses smart-contracts to provide a range of products that offer a stake, equity, asset backed or loan based digital assets in exchange for cryptocurrency funding a campaign on our platform.

This allows founders, start-ups and existing businesses to tokenise their project and create an accessible, liquid and transparent offering for potential funders.

These tokens are called ALT tokens, they represent Accountability, Liquidity and Transparency which are the core principle of ÖAsys.

A founder will use our intuitive wizard to create compliant crowdfunding campaign, this campaign ends up as and ECR20 smart-contract that is submitted to the Ethereum blockchain.

It will manage all functions related to the receiving of cryptocurrency capital, the disbursement of funds and the automatic distribution of dividends or profits.

This unique smart-contract will generate ECR20 ALT tokens in return for cryptocurrency funds.

Arizn is developing LiquiDEX, an ECR20 smart-contract based decentralised exchange, that functions autonomously without the need for human involvement.

All assets including AALT, ALT tokens,Ethereum and other tokens are held in the LiquiDEX trust-less smart-contract which groups, executes and settles orders on the ethereum blockchain.

Users can trade outside of the LiquiDEX platform, this means that any platform based service disruptions do not affect users wallet access.

When users trade on LiquiDEX they authorize trades with their own secret key, which is never entered into or seen by liquiDEX, users retaining full control over their funds and trades.

This is the ultimate in trust-less decentralized exchange because there is no way hackers can use our platform to gain access to your funds and assets.

February 2016

The Arizn project was formed. We identified a need for decentralized funding in
developing nations.

February 2017

Development of a national framework to source projects in conjunction with
Government agencies.

March 2017

Development framework setup, ETH ECR20, ICO/DICO, p2p trade, asset shift,

July 2017

Alpha testnet deployed on Ropsten. Successful with some bugs related to GAS, API
lag and lazy DNS.

September 2017

Closed Beta testing deployed on Ropsten. Successfully deployed 4 ECR20 templates
with wizard, buy from ICO/DAICO no issues.

March 2018

Closed Beta 2.0 deployed on Ropsten. Additional DAPP's tested, asset shift (p2p),
BTC, BCH, ZEC, LTC cold wallet testnet Successful.

June 2018

Deploy Beta version on Ethereum main network in social network mode, allow only
AALT crowdfunding campaign to facilitate ICO sales.

August 2018

Open Beta 3.0 (Ropsten) full platform test, All features will be available, create
ICO/DICO, asset shift, ETH, ZEC, LTC, BTC, BCH wallet, 200+ ECR20 token wallet,
Tokenized governance, Promotional features.

December 2018

LiquiDEX deploy on Ropsten or open testnet / hackathon. More details TBA.

May 2019

Official launch of crowdfunding platform on mainnet, full feature launch day release.