Axial Entertainment Blockchain
Axial Entertainment Blockchain (AXL)
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Token Sale Oct. 25, 2018 - Nov. 30, 2018
ICOMarks Rating 4.4 / 10 TrackICO Rating 4.1 / 5
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price 0.13 USD
Platform Ethereum

AXL is Reverse ICO based on performance agency and corrects the performance culture sports ticket market, currently being exploited due to illegal expedient reselling,through the blockchain technology. We aim to form a clean ticket culture, where all the producers, artists, athletes and customers are able to coexist without having trouble. AXL project aims to become a ‘key currency’ on global entertainment contents consumption market and recover the ticket market which infringes consumer’s right by ticket scalping and touts that sums to amout of around 17.6 billion USD.


Project concept organization.
Team member organization.


Establishment of ABA LAB

AXL COIN Launching

AXL COIN launching
Conduct Private-Sale
AXL Wallet Application 1.0 announcement


AXL White Paper 1.0 announcement
AXL Wallet Application 2.0 announcement
App function update
(Solution complement including FIDO, machine learning, ticketing, security reinforcement)
ERC-777 Migration

More Operational

System stabilization verification
Enter Point announcement
Preparation for Main Net launching

Mainnet Launching

Main Net launching (scheduled)


AXL Wallet Application 3.0 announcement