Bexam (BXA)
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Token Sale Nov. 1, 2018 - Dec. 24, 2018
TrackICO Rating 4.1 / 5 ICOMarks Rating 7.7 / 10
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Token price 1 BXA = 0.12 USD
Platform BEXAM

Bexam is a blockchain/DAG hybrid platform that brings unprecedented block times of 0.2s, 40 million TPS, and multi-layered security! The platform is built with a new consensus-building algorithm called “Proof of Rounds,” which uses a flexible chain structure and a node hierarchy with assigned roles to achieve its groundbreaking results. The significant capabilities of our platform allow us to create tailor-made solutions for enterprise-level businesses.

Bexam is built on a new consensus-building algorithm called Proof of Rounds. PoR reconciles high speed and scalability with high security. Our next generation blockchain technology finally meets the specifications required for the implementation of blockchain into core centralized systems of large-scale businesses.

Currently, enterprises are faced with the dilemma of choosing between centralized, yet vulnerable systems or decentralized, yet sluggish platforms. While the security provided by blockchain is alluring to enterprises around the world, the current technology’s speed and scalability constraints force such businesses to continue using their vulnerable, centralized systems. We reconcile the benefits of each sector in order to create a practical and superior solution, the BEXAM platform. The significant capabilities of our platform mean we can create tailor-made solutions for enterprise-level businesses.

Q1 2017

Boko creates PoR.

Q3 2017

Satoshi introduces the concept of BEXAM to Boko.

Q1 2018

BEXAM project starts. BEXAM Exchange architecture starts.

Q2 2018

BEXAM HP & WP 1.0 release; Seed sale starts. System tests begin.

Q4 2018

Third party vulnerability tests begin. Website renewal; Whitepaper 3.0 released; Private sale begins. BEXAM main-net open Wallet v.1 release; Master Node hosting service begins; Public ICO starts; BEXAM Exchange launch; BXA listing.

Q1-Q2 2019

BEXAM Exchange smartphone application release; Original chart release.

Q3-Q4 2019

BEXAM ecosystem expansion; Smart contract and wallet v.2 release.