BitBase (BTBc)
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BITBASE is the very first coin that has changed smart contracting as a whole and fixed it’s flaws, BITBASE is the very first coin to allow you to recover your coins in case of a transaction that goes bad. This could be useful in many ways, along with that companies like,, and many more can implement it, Why should these companies integrate BITBASE, BITBASE coin could easily be integrated with their buyer/seller protection feature.

Team members

Yakov Fabrizio
CEO/Crypto Blockchain Escrow Developer
Elizabeth Jade
Marketing Advertise / Social Media
Jacob Mueller
Senior Crypto Advisor
Luara Cordelia
Web Designer
Andrew Haig
Account & Sales
Francisco Ignacio
Senior Crypto Advisor
Jiang Shen
Core Blockchain Developer
Adam Fellows
Technical Expert
Bob Williams
Marketing Director

ICO Advisors

This ICO doesn't have any advisors.
2017 Nov

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