Bitnet Token
Bitnet Token (BNET)
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Token Sale Nov. 30, 2017 - Jan. 15, 2018
TrackICO Rating 2.6 / 5
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BitnetToken is a decentralized platform built for businesses of all sizes to help get them accepting Cryptocurrency with Ease, Security and Profit in mind.

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Q4 2017

- Delegate BNET Account Balances and Bonuses for Pre-ICO Early Adopters and ICO Token Holders
- Early Adopters get Beta Access to the Secure Web Wallet and Android/iOS Wallet Application upon release
- Continue and Expand Negotiations with Companies and Businesses Interested in Implementing our Technology
- Finalize contracts with Large Corporations and Companies interested in Implementing Cryptocurrency into there business and joining our Bitnet Token Beta Program
- Bitnet Token is currently in negotiations with some Prominent Influencers in the Crypto-Development space – we are utilizing Partnerships with existing Crypto-projects to help grow and expand our Platform – this will be further revealed in Q1 2018!
- Launch of the Bitnet Token Affiliate Program
- Plans for Crypto-ATM Distribution Worldwide

Q1 2018

- Listing BNET on top Cryptocurrency Exchanges
- Public trading of BitnetToken goes Live
- BNET in the media In anticipation for the release of the BitnetToken Platform
- Public Release of our web-based wallet
- Easy to use secure and encrypted Multi-OS and Multi-Language Wallet
- Beta-test new features and troubleshoot any bugs
- Public Release of Android/iOS application
- Secure mobile wallet – Multi-Cryptocurrency and Language support
- Spend, transfer and receive Cryptocurrencys with the use of one easy to use application
- Beta-Test fingerprint and facial recognition software
- Continued coding on the BitnetToken Platform
- Research and Development
- Improving our Cryptocurrency ATM’s and Distributing Payment Gateways
- Public Launch of the BitnetToken Community and BitnetToken Forum
- Launch of the BitnetToken Knowledge Center to help educate consumers and Businesses to help with the adoption of Cryptocurrency into there Businesses
- Launch of Cryptocurrency Forum – The most fun and intuitive ideas are being implemented to make it the largest Cryptocurrency forum in the world

Q2 2018

- Official Beta Release of the Bitnet Token Platform
- Token Holders will get early access to test
- Selected businesses and merchants will get a chance to Beta-Test our new Platform
- All in one Payment Gateway Platform for Cryptocurrencys
- Ease to use – Fully integrated with top Cryptocurrency API’s – Receive and make payments with ease and the lowest fees
- Marketing and Promotion begins to spread the world of Cryptocurrency
- Marketing campaigns using Celebrities and Prominent names to help spread the adoption of Cryptocurrency is the Real World
- Beta-ATM and Payment Gateway Distribution Process starts
- Donate Crypto-ATM’s Worldwide to Capital cities allowing people to buy top Cryptocurrencys with ease
- Strengthen our partnerships and expand our connections in the Cryptocurrency marketplace

Q3 2018

- Secure Hardware Key Development
- Android and iOS app gets updated to integrate with the Bitnet Token Platform
- Users can make mobile Cryptocurrency payments with speed and security
- Unique security protocols get implemented – 2FA facial recognition software goes live to the public
- New updated version of the secure web and desktop wallet is integrated into the Bitnet Token Platform
- Secure web wallet integrated with top Cryptocurrency exchanges
- Safely store or spend Multiple Top Cryptocurrencys
- Users can send, receive and pay for items using Cryptocurrencys using our Web Wallet

Q4 2018

- Official Release of the Bitnet Token Platform Begins
- Apply final round of updates to the Platform
- Early adopters and ICO Token Holders get special access
- New research for additional features and improvements begins
- Free Payment Gateway and ATM distribution to Businesses and Merchants to use Bitnet Token Platform
- Donate Cryptocurrency ATMs and payment gateways to Capital cities around the world
- Donate Payment Gateways to Businesses and Corporations to use the Bitnet Token Platform
- Adding new features and embracing features from other projects to create the best solution possible

2019 and Further

- Bitnet Token Platform Integration with existing Technologies
- Launch marketing campaign to promote the BitnetToken Platform
- Expand our team – add dedicated PR, Marketing and additional Developers
- Focus on growing the BitnetToken brand and working everyday to make the BitnetToken Platform an everyday part of life
- Begin the process for organizing a Yearly BitnetToken Expo
- Establish new relationships with prominent figures in the Crypto-Space
- Continually recruit large businesses and corporations to use the BitnetToken Platform
- 100% secure and anonymous BitnetToken Credit Cards get released
- Work towards bringing BNET into the TOP 5 Cryptocurrencys
- Launch Bitnet Token Cryptocurrency Exchange
- Full featured exchange where you can trade the top 100 Cryptocurrencys