Bitsdaq Token
Bitsdaq Token (BQQQ)
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Platform Ethereum

We are proud to announce the launch of Bitsdaq and the Bitsdaq Token (token symbol “BQQQ”). Supported by a world-class trading system powered by BITTREX, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world (by 30-day trading volume)1. Bitsdaq aims to facilitate the trading of crypto assets of professional traders, crypto investors and blockchain start-ups by providing exceptional user experience through utilizing its edge-cutting technology and the professional experience of its team of world-class veterans from the financial technology (FinT ech) and marketing sectors.

2019 First Quarter: Bitsdaq Exchange Launch

Bitsdaq has partnered with BITTREX (one of the top tier international exchange) to create a first ever Joint-Order-Book world-class exchange system. We are, on one hand, currently facilitating a vast number of market participants within BITTREX International network and, on the other hand, have been attracting professional traders and recreational users from Macau, Singapore, Canada and soon across the globe. With an enormous aggregated trading volume, we will be able to acquire more professional traders, institutional investors and crypto entrepreneurs into our ecosystem, and establish a solid foundation for our future development.

2019 Second Half: Bitsdaq IEO Platform Launch

Being a core member of a top tier crypto exchange network led by Bittrex International, Bitsdaq aims to provide an efficient, secured and transparent environment to facilitate the post-ICO development of outstanding crypto start-ups through building a second-to-none all- rounded IEO Exchange, and provide both up and down-stream support as well as services to unleash potentials of great blockchain projects. Through our relationship with our strategic partners within the network, we will undoubtedly be able to lower the barrier of token sales for crypto entrepreneurs.

2020 First Half: Help on Globalization for listed projects

Through our international partnership network, Bitsdaq will be able to expand globally and provide truly international and borderless trading experience to our exchange users. Meanwhile, we will be able to facilitate top tier global professional traders into our exchange. We will further acquire international corporate clients and develop additional tailor-made solutions of tokenization and further consolidate the application of blockchain technology.