Block Estates
Block Estates (BLEST)
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Token Sale Unspecified - Unspecified
ICOMarks Rating 6.8 / 10
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Token price 1 BLEST = 1 USD
Platform Ethereum

Block Estates is a next-generation real estate investment platform which will revolutionise and democratise investments in the real estate market. Investors will be able to use fiat and cryptocurrencies to invest in tangible, high return real estate investments. The Platform will be based on the Ethereum Blockchain Network and will utilise ERC20 complaint Smart Contracts.

The Block Estates strategy is to acquire real estate assets within selected markets around the world with the focus being on both income producing and development assets. The assets will then become tokenized investments. All investments made through the Block Estates Platform will be backed with Real Estate security located in developed markets with robust legal frameworks.

Once acquired, the real estate assets will be improved through value-add, repositioning and development programs and then divested. The income and profits derived from these assets will be distributed to token holders. These investments will be available via the Block Estates STO and ongoing offerings will be listed and accessible through the Platform.

Our overall business plan encompasses the creation of a real estate industry ecosystem powered by a blockchain platform. This falls into Phase 2 of development, this will add a diverse range of vertically integrated services which will be wholly tokenized and also based on the Ethereum standard. The expanded platform functionality will allow Block Estates to enhance the service offerings and position it to become a global leader in the Real Estate Blockchain market. The proposed services will provide new and increased revenue streams for the Block Estates platform and ultimately for token holders. Furthermore, our target market will be greatly expanded and the Block Estates platform will facilitate a diverse range of services and functionality to this expanded market.

January 2018

Idea and Research Business Model.

Q1 2018

Define the business nd research key components.

April 2018

Commence discussions with potential stakeholders;

Commence securing key advisors and board members.

May - June 2018

Prepare Whitepaper and associated documentatiom;

Commence development of web platform.

June-October 2018

Development of Phase 1 technology;

Development of Smart Contracts.

September - December 2018

Launch of platform in Beta form;

Commence securing real estate assets;


Commence private sale.

Q4 2018

Secure further real estate assets;

Partnership with real estate organisations;

Funding Arrangements.

Q4 2018

Commence Pre-Sale;

Commence ICO Sale.

Q1 2019

Commence phase 2 platform development;

List token on Exchanges.

Q1 2019

Full real estate eco-system launch;

Expand operations into Asian real estate markets.