BlockAIp (BAIP)
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Pre-Sale Oct. 1, 2018 - Nov. 20, 2018
Token Sale Nov. 21, 2018 - Dec. 25, 2018
ICOMarks Rating 5.8 / 10
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price 1 BAIP = 0.06 USD
Platform Ethereum

BlockAIp will be a decentralized social networking and media platform powered by blockchain and backed by cryptocurrencies. First of all it is a social networking website with an encrypted messenger which will function in co-operation with an Artificial Intelligence (Felix). Secondly, the BlockAIp platform will be a true democratic media hub. There will not be an editor, the decision what’s fit to print is made solely by the community. Moreover all high-quality contents published by users will be paid by BlockAIp. Thirdly, the platform will work as a payment gateway with options to store and exchange cryptocurrencies, so that users will be able to pay for various goods and services, exchange money (crypto-fiat and vice versa) and withdraw it to bank accounts or payment cards around the world without limitation. And the last one, the BlockAIp platform will run a fully automatic personal loan service where users can borrow money (fiat) collateralized with several cryptocurrency assets.

November 2016

The Birth of the BlockAIp Idea.

December 2016

Assembling the Team and Developing Initial Idea.

January 2017

Market Research.

Started researching blockchain technology.

February 2017

Team Expansion and Detailed Concept Creation.

Preparation for Platform Development.

May 2017

Platform Development.

June 2018

Created the First Draft of Whitepaper.

Final Preparations of the Token sale.

September 2018

Whitepaper Public Release.

Private Sale.

October 2018

Start Token Pre-Sale.

December 2018

Ending ICO.

January 2019

Starting of Blockchain Testnet and Optimizations.

February 2019

Starting of Blockchain Mainnet Presentation of MVP.

May 2019

Platform Release. Full-Functionalaty Operating Platform in cooperation with AI.

Building of Custodial and Other Banking Relationships with Financial Services and Institutions.

September 2019

Release of BlockAIp Mobile Application for IOS and Android.

Marketing of the Platform and Customer Attraction.

November 2019

Starting BlockAIp Personal Loan Service.