Blockchain Hotels
Blockchain Hotels (HCI)
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Pre-Sale April 30, 2018 - May 31, 2018
Token Sale June 1, 2018 - June 30, 2018
ICOMarks Rating 8.6 / 10 TrackICO Rating 3.9 / 5 ICOBench Rating 2.3 / 5
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Token price 1 HCI = 0.11 USD
Platform Ethereum

One of the most innovative and fun Hotel chains in the world, implementing cryptocurrency, a new kind of ownership, and a new crowdfunding model. Energy independent, gamified, affordable, fast to set up and scaleable. Simply outstanding in every aspect. Our goal is to build the most innovative, the most fun, most reimagined and redesigned hotel chain in the world. Set up quickly using new modular technologies, Blockchain Hotels are environmentally friendly, energy independent, smart hotels supporting blockchain networks worldwide and providing a one of a kind hotel experience. Decentralized from electricity and water sources, completely different from traditional hospitality options, each hotel is an oasis of positive energy, entertainment, productivity, freedom, and the spirit of innovation.
The Blockchain Hotels project is an exciting and new kind of hospitality and real estate investment opportunity. it is the rare project where investors will be guests, and guests will be investors.
Prefabricated, modular construction techniques allow us to build Blockchain Hotels 4x faster and more efficiently than traditional hotel development!

February 2018

Paradise Hotel - legal preparation and architectural design. Private Sale. KYC registration.

June 2018

ICO. Hotel IT development. Hotek Delivery Team recruitment.

July 2018

Entering the exchanges. Paradisa Hotel - plot purchase

September 2018

Paradise Hotel - module production

December 2018

Paradise Hotel module shipping

January 2019

Paradise Hotel assembly

March 2019

Paradise Hotel - opening.
Next hotel campaign.

May 2019

Next hotel - legal preparation and architectural design.

September 2019

Next hotel - plot purchase

Noveb9102 rem

Next hotel - module production

February 2020

Next hotel module shipping

March 2020

Next hotel assembly

May 2020

Next opening opening.
Campaign for next hotels.

July 2020

Next hotel - legal preparation and architectural design.

November 2020

Next hotel - plot purchase

January 2021

Next hotel - module production