BR11 (BR11)
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Token Sale Sept. 1, 2018 - Sept. 30, 2018
ICOBench Rating 3.6 / 5 TrackICO Rating 4.1 / 5 ICOMarks Rating 7.0 / 10
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Token price 1 BR11 = 1 USD
Platform Ethereum

BR11 is a Security Token legally backed by equity in 11 high-growth revenue generating startups.

BR11 is one of the first security tokens in the market and probably the first to be a tokenized VC fund with a pre-selected portfolio of 11 companies. Unlike 98% of the ICOs, which are pre-operational with no revenue, 90% of these companies already have fully-ready products, product-market fit, are generating revenue and growing fast. BR11 opens an investment opportunity to a much broader audience that otherwise would not be able to invest in a traditional venture capital fund, specially in Latin American assets.

The 11 BR11 companies were handpicked from a portfolio of over 450 startups, all of which have received investments from either Bossa Nova, Brazil’s largest pre-seed investor by number of active investments, and/or ACE, Latin America's best performing startup accelerator.

The token is legally bond to the company in Cayman that holds the equity in each startup, therefore providing a much lower risk to Tokenholders if compared to conventional ICOs that are not linked to any underlying assets.

BR11 is a tokenized venture capital fund without a lockdown period. Unlike traditional VC funds that demand investors to be locked for years, BR11 token-holders will be able to trade their tokens in the secondary market from the first days after token issuance.

All this characteristics offers crypto investors an opportunity to diversify their investments in real high-growth potential assets with a legally reliability unseen in Utility Tokens and/or conventional ICOs. We believe that we have the best from both worlds: the opportunities of the VC market and the global access & liquidity of the crypto markets.

September 2017

Idea Conception

December 2017

Portfolio Design

April 2017

Legal Structure

Sepember 2018

Pre Sale Begins

October 2018

Mais Sale Begins

November 2018

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