Carna Life
Carna Life (CLC)
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Pre-Sale Jan. 14, 2019 - Feb. 14, 2019
Token Sale Unspecified - Unspecified
TrackICO Rating 3.3 / 5 ICOMarks Rating 8.1 / 10
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Token price 1 CLC = 0.01 USD
Platform Ethereum

MedApp UK Ltd is an official provider and distributor of MedApp SA technology called Analytical telemedicine system CarnaLife. Medapp UK Ltd is also the official entity involved in the preparation and execution of the ICO project.

October 2010

Company Incorporated.

October 2011

Public Company Since.

September 2015

Launching a TeleECG Project.

October 2015

Employing Project manager and developers.

November 2015

Starting developing CarnaLife system.

February 2016

Extending CarnaLife functionalities with non-ECG exams like: dermatology, temperature, weight, blood glucose level, blood pressure level, CT, MRI, KTG, pulseoximetry.

June 2016

Medapp takes the stage on Impact’17 Medapp acquires CE certification First International Holographic Teletransmission is conducted.

September 2016

First pilots of certified CarnaLife system in medical facilities in Poland.

January 2017

Implementation of CarnaLife system in Cardiac Hospital.

February 2017

Launching own telemedical center - Telemedica.

May 2017

First ablation treatment with presentation using Carna Life System.

August 2017

Medapp and Microsoft strengthen ties.Implementation of CarnaLife system in Cardiology Clinic and Hospital.

September 2017

Implementation of a demo kiosk with telemedical devices and CarnaLife system in 6 clinics across Poland.

October 2017

Pilot of CarnaLife System in Tallinn, Estonia.

November 2017

Carna Life Holo shown in Kazakhstan.

December 2017

MedApp brings Azure-based telemedicine to doctors and patients worldwide.

February 2018

Medapp becomes and official Microsoft Partner.

18 October 2018

Private Sale.

December 2018

Implementation of Mobile Application connected with European Telemedical Telecare Centrum.Start the development of a blockchain-based CarnaLife System.

14 January 2019

Pre-sale Starts.

15 February 2019

Crowd Sale Starts (ICO).

March 2019

Launching the blockchain-based CarnaLife system – Tier 1.Implementation of Patient Application for MacOS and Linux.

April 2019

Blockchain validated reviews,Increasing security,Telemedical Telecare Centrum audit.

May 2019

Telemedical Telecare Centrum audit,Starting organizing GCC Telemedical Telecare Centrum.

June 2019

Implementation of cryptocurrency payments, smart contracts and blockchain technology in payment system.

July 2019

Updating of partnership program for worldwide healthcare providers.

August 2019

Launching of our services on Windows, Android iOS, MacOS platforms with additional features.

October 2019

Implementing Augmented reality consultations and medical data visualization. Supporting Tele-Consultations with Augmented Reality.Starting organizing US Telemedical Telecare Centrum. Launching pilot programs of healthcare providers in GCC, UK, France, Germany, Kenia, US.

February 2020

Launching commercial programs of healthcare providers in GCC, UK, France, Germany, Kenia, US.

March 2020

Launching pilots in other countries especially in EU, Asia, Africa, South America.

June 2020

Launching commercial programs of healthcare providers in EU, Asia, Africa, South America.

September 2020

Launching North American Telemedical Telecare Centrum.Launching African Telemedical Telecare Centrum.