Cash Telex
Cash Telex (CTLX)
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Token Sale Dec. 10, 2018 - July 31, 2019
ICOMarks Rating 7.7 / 10
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Token price 1 CTLX = 0.82 USD
Platform Separate blockchain

Cash Telex Dynamic Diversified Fund Solution is to back the CTLX coin, and is directly pegged to real assets (Gold, Diamond, Silver and Real Estate).
Investors can benefit from various services provided by Cash Telex Ecosystem.

The Cash telex initial purchase of assets from the fund collected during the ICO will provide a foundation and it will continue to reinvest those funds from the collected fee from Loans, exchange transactions and Debit Cards fees issued to customers. All of these services will be in a form of CTLX and that will give guaranteed demands for CTLX coins.

February 2018

Proof of Concept (Completed).

All experiment or pilot project test results are proven give the desired outcomes.

March 2018

Building of Testnest Started.

CTLX Testnet started & Cash Telex Exchange Design started.

June 2018

Initial Tests for Testnet ( Cash Telex Exchange ).

CTLX Blockchain test-net with Cash Telex Exchange configured in Test-mode.

August 2018

Legal Review for Cash Telex Blockchain and Gold Mining.

Establishment of legal review for CTLX and Gold mining in Africa.

November 2018

Public Production Launch ( Cash Telex Exchange).

Successful production release of Cash Telex Exchange.

December 2018

CTLX Coin Public Sale.

start of Cash Telex Coin public sale.

January 2018

Cash Telex Dividends Integration.

Successful Integration of Cash Telex Dividends.

February 2019

Cash Telex Mobile Money (CTM).

Cash Telex Mobile Money (CTM) to deposit fiat, buy , sell , trade CTLX directly from mobile.

June 2019

Cash Telex Payments and Physical Gold Exchange.

To provide a first successful launch of CTLX payment against Gold , with coordination with Gold stores in Africa & Middle East.

October 2019

Cash Telex Gold Mining.

Establishment of Cash Telex Gold Mining.