Coinquiztador (CQR)
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Pre-Sale March 23, 2018 - April 23, 2018
Token Sale May 3, 2018 - June 3, 2018
ICOMarks Rating 5.8 / 10 ICOBench Rating 2.9 / 5 TrackICO Rating 4.6 / 5
Whitelist/KYC Whitelist
Token price 1 CQR = 0.00019 ETH
Platform Ethereum

Coinquiztador is a trivia based online game, in which the players answer questions from a single category. The difference with the other well-known trivia games is that with our project you can earn actual money, and your winnings depend entirely on your knowledge. In Coinquiztador you are competing against real players and each player who you defeat, earns you real coins. The players don’t have to worry anymore that they are lied to. In Coinquiztador the player is not competing against the casino, but against other real players.

2017 January

The idea for the cryptocurrency-based game was born, in which the people can win money relying on their own knowledge.

2017 June

Market research and analysis of the need of such product.

2017 September

Consulting with developers and software engineers about the ways of integrating the block chain into an online web platform.

2017 December

Development of fully detailed documentation about the platform.

2018 February

Preparation for the ICO.

2018 March

Start of the ICO and preparation of the start of the token trading on the stock exchange.

2018 April

Start of the token trading on the stock exchange.

2018 August

Go-live of the beta version of the game.

2019 January

Start of the platform.

2019 February

Adding of additional content – chess, backgammon and domino.

2019 March

Adding of additional categories.

2019 May

Adding of additional game modes.