CoinSelf (CSF)
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Token Sale May 25, 2018 - June 14, 2018
ICOMarks Rating 7.2 / 10 ICOBench Rating 3.1 / 5
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Token price 1 CSF = 0.000252 ETH
Platform Ethereum is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 Token, with the main use as a payment currency for freelancing services on our revolutionary platform.
We came up with the concept of a marketplace that would provide a two sided platform for people to buy and sell a variety of digital services typically offered by freelance contractors. Whatever service you need, you'll find a freelancer to help you: from web design, mobile application development, virtual assistants, product manufacturing to graphic design (and more). If you are an employer in the crypto community, CoinSelf is one of the best places to post jobs for free and you get notified if any freelancer is interested. Unlike other job platforms that have a fixed rate for each job done, our platform allows freelancers to state their own price and payment is done through a built-in escrow service, which means the payment is held until the job is complete. CoinSelf users will use CSF as the only crypto currency mean of payment. We decided to build CoinSelf (CSF) on the Ethereum network because it already has a big existing infrastructure for tokens and has multiple decentralized elements such as exchanges, which also make it fairly easy to include tokens.

June, 2017

The idea arises and the busines
plan is created.

May, 2017

Team Formation. First steps in
development of arhitecture of the
CoinSelf Platform.

October, 2017

Setting up a stable infrastructure
of Ethereum nodes and servers,
ensuring the scalability and
stability of the system.

January, 2018

Landing Page and white paper

February, 2018

Build beta version of the freelancing

May, 2018

Pre-Sale ICO Launch.
Our Pre Sale will begin on May 25 th
at 12:00 pm. EST and will end on
June 14th, 12:00pm EST.

June, 2018

Token Sale Launch.
Our Token Sale will begin on
June 20th, at 12:00 pm EST
and will end on July 20th 12:00pm.

August, 2018

Register CoinSelf in exchange
websites and after this we will
launch the freelancing platform.

October, 2018

Solution Reviews & Platform

December, 2018

Building a mobile version of the