Connectome (CNTM)
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ICOMarks Rating 5.1 / 10
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price 1 CNTM = 0.015 USD
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Connectome is a technology platform to realize human-like AI assistant, “Virtual Human Agent” (VHA). By harnessing the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Game AI (human-like intelligent NPC technology), blockchain and human sciences, VHAs can, amongst other things, be personal assistants, the cornerstone of productive organizations and companies, assist in healthcare, and be the future of human-technology interaction. The goal is to create a future where humans can trust in and live alongside AI technologies that will increase the quality of communication between humans, as well as between humans and technology.

Q4 2018

● Integration of object recognition model

● GeneFlow β : Ensure the Reliability data for AI.

Q1 2019

●3D humanoid model Mark2

● Making a model of emotion recognition

● Making GUI tool for scenario data

● Publishing “Marketplace” on Github

● Co-working space’s POC.

Q2 2019

● 3D generic model zeta

● POC’s expansion.

Q3 2019

● Partly combination of AI models

● Launch a private network “Marketplace”

● Allow using JavaScript for scenario.

Q4 2019

● 3D model switching function

● Partial update of Rachel through combination and expanding AI models

● “Marketplace” testnet operation

● Global community cooperation through using a version SDK

● Wallet function.

Q1 2020

● Tools for character creation

● “Marketplace” mainnet operations

● Public presentation on Ethereum.

Q2 2020

● Opening marketplace

● Integration with external API service

● Increasing expansion of development.