CryptoCopy (COPY)
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CryptoCopy is platform that allows you to track and copy investments of successful cryptocurrency traders. A lot of investors make daily investments in cryptocurrencies and they make profit from it. They are specialized and skilled investors to know which is good moment to buy and trade with cryptocurrency. Now, with Crypto Copy platform you have a possibility to earn like experienced investors. Crypto Copy allows you to copy all cryptocurrency investors that you think you can make profit from. You don’t need to have knowledge about cryptocurrencies or trading at all, on Crypto Copy you just see the most successful traders and you can copy them. It goes all automatically, you just need to choose which investor you want to copy.

Team members

Igor Manjencic
Founder and CEO
Jelena Stankov
Co-Founder and Developer
Marius Mazoschek
Product Manager
Patrick Mühlschlegel
Software Architect
André Wörner
Android/iOS Developer
Pawel Oleksy
Software Developer
Harald Bauhofer
Frontend Developer
Natascha Abrek
Full Stack Developer

ICO Advisors

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2019. Q1

2) Improve investing signals