Cryptomon (CMN)
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Pre-Sale Feb. 20, 2018 - April 21, 2018
Token Sale April 21, 2018 - May 21, 2018
TrackICO Rating 3.3 / 5
Token price Unspecified
Platform Ethereum

Cryptomon is ready to use platform with real prediction algorithms and custom indicators based on machine learning. First version of Cryptomon was released in June 2017, and since then we built community of experts in machine intelligence around the Cryptomon platform. All these give us a significant competitive advantage over other trading tools and platforms which are still in development and they have using of ML only as a future milestone.

June 2017

- First version with basic predictions
- BTC subscriptions

Q3-Q4 2017

- Cryptomon Lab with ML stack
- New indicators in Lab - WTBS (When To Buy and Sell) indicator, WM (Whale Moves) indicator
- Multilayer perceptron and K-nearest neighbors v2 implemented on web
- WTBS v1 indicator implemented on web

Q1 2018

- CMN token public presale and sale
- CMN token based subscriptions, BTC subscriptions disabled
- WM v1 indicator implementation on web
- Bounty program start

Q2 2018

- CMN reward program start
- Requests for enhancements listed on or
- New prediction algorithms and indicators
- Support for the new exchanges and currency pairs
- CMN token on more than 2 exchanges
- Signals dashboard

Q3 2018

- 0x protocol signals (support for any ERC20 tokens)
- Trade signals notifications for Telegram app
- Support for the new exchanges and currency pairs
- New prediction algorithms/indicators with monitoring of news and social feeds

Q4 2018

- Containerized projects in Lab - user can deploy and execute project directly from web with visible results
- Integrations with 3rd parties like - Cryptomon indicators on interactive chart, or integrations with trading bots
- Support for the new exchanges and currency pairs

Q1-Q2 2019

- Lab marketplace
- CMN token on more than 5 exchanges