Eigencoin (EIGC)
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Token Sale Dec. 1, 2017 - Dec. 25, 2017
TrackICO Rating 3.1 / 5
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Eigencoin (EIGC) is a new, highly secure lending cryptocurrency that prioritizes earning interest rates for lenders, and is specially designed and built for sustainable, long-term growth.
Utilizing the SHA256 PoW algorithm, Eigencoin is a self-regulated financial system that allows owners to earn more coins through lending, staking, mining, trading, and participating in our content platform. EIGC can be purchased with Bitcoin during our ICO.

May 2017

- Eigencoin project begins

August 2017

- Lending platform beta tested

December 2017

- Five rounds of ICO
- Desktop wallets released

January 2018

- Lending platform opens
- Added to 2+ exchanges

February 2018

- Premium content portal opens for a selected number of writers

March 2018

- Premium content portal opens for all writers

May 2018

- Users begin to receive revenue share from web ads