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ICOMarks Rating 8.1 / 10
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Token price 1 ERA = 0.06 USD
Platform Ethereum

ETHA aims to disrupt the remittance and payment industry by lowering the barriers to an open financial ecosystem.

Approximately 2,5 billion or nearly 40% of the global adult population, do not have a formal bank account or access to affordable financial services.

The remittance solution platform will be the first of its kind to facilitate crypto to fiat transfer. Users will be able to send fiat money utilizing digital currencies by allowing the sender the flexibility to select different payout options for the recipient, such as Direct to Bank, Local (Cash) Pick-Up or Mobile Top Up.

We have identified key problems within the remittance and payment industry, which we aim to solve.

The existing remittance and payment industry is built on an old-fashioned infrastructure, bonded with expensive fees and transaction delays, which no longer serves the interest of its sophisticated customer base.

Q2 2017

Project Initiation

Research of Industry

Business model concept

Q3 2017

Proof of concept

White Paper drafted

Smart contract on testnet

Q4 2017

Ecosystem design

Alpha of mobile app

Q1 2018

Smart Contract

Auditing Smart Contract

Q2 2018

Strategic partnerships

Alpha of Exchange

Q3 2018

Beta release of exchange (internal)

Q4 2018

White paper published

Partnership announcement with ChainLink

Development of RP

Q1 2019

Scheduled Pre-ICO (TBA)

Scheduled ICO (TBA)

Token Listing on Exchanges

Token distribution


Q2 2019

P2P lending protocol

Native Wallet (Android)

FCA License registration

Listings on our exchange

System testing

Development of LP

Q3 2019

Development of CB financing integration

Launch of mobile app

Q4 2019

Digital currency compliant remittance platform