Exchange Union
Exchange Union (XUC)
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Token Sale Aug. 7, 2017 - Aug. 8, 2017
TrackICO Rating 3.1 / 5
Token price Unspecified
Platform Ethereum

Users can easily buy any digital currency throughout the exchanges in the union with a favorable price. Eventually, the barriers among the exchanges will be broken. Price discovery, cross-region trading, clearing, deposit and withdraw could be easily done in the union. Meanwhile, the exchanges in the union will benefit from high liquidity and broad user base.

Team members

Brendan Eich
Paul Chou
Sathvik Vishwanath
Sunny Ray
Sebastian Serrano
David A. Johnson
Andrew Lee
Ryan X. Charles
Kevin Zhou
Gabriel Kurman
Shenghong Wang
Yonghong Fan
Ye Lee
Star Xu
David Lee
Vincent Zhou
James Wo
Terry Culver
Mikael Wang
William Hou

ICO Advisors

This ICO doesn't have any advisors.
DEC 2018

Exchange Union Chain implemented