EzCash (EZE)
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Token Sale Oct. 20, 2018 - Nov. 20, 2018
ICOBench Rating 3.0 / 5 ICOMarks Rating 8.3 / 10
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price 1 ETH = 60,000 EZE
Platform Ethereum

EZ Cash is a blockchain-based C2C Marketplace that enables individuals (customers) to transact (buy and sell) goods or services with each other through a secure and peer-to-peer blockchain network, without needing the help of intermediaries, dealers or third-parties. The new marketplace effectively deals with a lot of issues that the market is suffering from. By connecting consumers directly with other consumers for transactions, it removes the role of intermediaries, thus effectively reducing the cost of transactions and improving privacy. The underlying blockchain technology ensures the security, transparency and reliability of user transactions and data on the EZcash platform.

2017 Q3


Research Markets

Idea & Plan

2017 Q4

Team Building

Assemble Team

Proof of concept

Strategic Planning

2018 Q1-2

Strategic Planning

White paper draft

Platform design and implimentation

2018 Q3

Token Sale Preperation

Token & Smart Contract Dev

Public financing & Seed funding

Website & Marketing

White paper completion

2018 Q4

Token Sale Phases

Marketing & Promotion


2019 Q2

Token Sale End

Final Token Sales

Exchange Placement of EZ Cash

2019 Q3-4

Product MVP

Beta Testing launch

Partnerships Announced

Website & Application

2020 Q1

Platform Pre Launch

EZ Token Swap Announcement

Mainnet beta testing open

More Operational

Integration of third party controllers

Marketplace cooperative module

2020 Q2


Establishing global user base

US start retailer selection

Major Partners

2020 Q3

Product Releases

Integration of third party initiatives

Marketplace module

Mainnet Launch

Customer Campaigns