Fidelity House
Fidelity House (FIH)
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Pre-Sale Oct. 31, 2018 - Jan. 1, 2019
Token Sale Jan. 2, 2019 - Feb. 28, 2019
ICOBench Rating 4.6 / 5 TrackICO Rating 5.0 / 5 ICOMarks Rating 8.9 / 10
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Token price 1 FIH = 0.0002 ETH
Platform Ethereum

Today ​FidelityHouse​ is a ​Social Content Network​ that allows users to be updated on their own interests, publish contents earning on views and be part of a fun and innovative community.

The consolidated experience of the italian project, born with zero marketing budget, thanks to the unique performance together with important recognitions, become in a few years one of the leading websites in Italy with 750 million page views per year.

Our mission is to become a reference platform for authors and publishers of original and high quality contents, offering services aimed at their attribution, protection and monetization.

Taking advantage of the new technological paradigm it is possible to make content lifecycle management fairer and more transparent, formalising and certifying the relationship between author and Publisher.

FidelityHouse is the first Publisher to choose this innovative approach, that takes advantage of the ​blockchain technology​, as the basis of the editorial project, making it at the same time accessible to independent authors and third-party publishers through the services offered by FidelityHouse Chain​.
All original contents published are remunerated in relation to visits received,
in ​FidelityHouse Coins​, FidelityHouse cryptocurrency.

Team members

Francesco Fasanaro
CEO & Founder
Alessandro Benini
Co-founder - CMO - Project Manager Monetization Expert
Alessandro Bellato
Co-founder - CTO - Cloud Architecture - Cyber Security
Riccardo Benelle
Marketing Consultant
Filippo Marcassoli
Marketing Consultant
Luca Del Torchio
Marketing Consultant
Giuseppe Bronzino
Sales Director
Vittorio Ferrari
Business Developer
Michele Carbonara
Business Developer
Stefano Giomo
Software Architect - Machine Learning Leader
Filippo Ferrazini
Product Developer
Giacomo Rocco
Product Developer
Mirko Giocondo
Content Curator
Floriana Calabrese
Content Curator
Fabrizio Ferrara
Content Curator
Ivana Currao
Content Curator
Maria Cianciaruso
Content Curator
Marcella Chimenti
Content Curator
Monica Garavello
Content Curator
Katia Pivato
Content Curator
Giovanna Barone
Content Curator
Giuseppe Chimenti
Luca Giove
IP Lawyer
Andrea Comelli
IP Lawyer

ICO Advisors

Vladimir Nikitin
Simon Cocking
Nikolay Shkilev
Alvise Saccomani
Finance advisor
Francesco Nazari Fusetti
Giacomo Arcaro
Giovanni Casagrande
Sebastiano Cappa
Marco Valenti
Gianvirgilio Cugini
Legal Advisor
Arianna Bonaldo
Tax Advisor
Q3-Q4 2018

Private sale & Presale

Q4 2018

MVP FidelityHouse Chain “proof of authorship”.

Q1 2019

ICO - MVP FidelityHouse Chain “proof of license”.

Q2 2019

MVP FidelityHouse Chain “proof of revenue”. MVP community in English. Strategic growth in author acquisition.

Q4 2019

iOS and Android native App.

Q1 2020

Multilingual support and content translation service. Creation of a Network for premium publisher partners.

Q2 2020

Direct adv sale in FidelityHouse Coin, Sponsored content, special projects.

Q3 2020

FidelityHouse Chain feature Extension, Analytics extended features for users and advertisers.

Q4 2020

B2B content marketplace in FidelityHouse Coin.