ForceNet (FOR)
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ForceNet is a secure, anonymous and decentralized internet that anyone can use, all the way from simple end-user site hosting and file sharing to enterprise-grade services such as video streaming and VoIP.

Based on a 3-tier network model, ForceNet combines the necessary elements from traditional internet services, such as global coverage, redundancy, scalability and high performance, with state of the art blockchain technology enabling high-grade encryption, anonymity and consensus, meaning that no single entity has the power to take down services and censor users and user assets.

ForceNet aims to become the world's first enterprise-grade, high-performance and fully scalable decentralized internet-like network, that is ready for mass adoption. We believe that a decentralized network is a more efficient and democratic structure than existing models and are building a robust backbone that will cater to today's increasingly performance-hungry world of high-speed information.

ForceNet makes use of Force (i.e. Forcecoin), its underlying cryptocurrency token (similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and others) in order to govern the network's own economy. Transactions can be made using Force to exchange value between users and pay for services rendered by the network. Force is a fully private currency which supports instant transactions, that are overseen by its vast network of Supernodes - dedicated servers that maintain the integrity of the network.

October 26, 2017 - Genesis Block

- Launch of the ForceCoin network, securing mining pools and releasing wallets

November - December 2017 - Exchanges

- List Force on multiple exchanges. Force is currently being traded on and

December 2017 - Wallets & Whitepaper

- Release new Windows, Mac and Linux wallets built with the fundamental services of ForceCoin
- Release a whitepaper providing an in-depth explanation of the merits of ForceNet, use cases, technical specifications and future direction

March 2018 - Alpha

- Release the first working version of ForceNet, conduct user testing, security auditing and failover tests

January - March 2018 - Marketing

- Increase exposure and grow the user base of the ForceNet network by use of PR articles, social media marketing and viral user sharing activities

June 2018 - ForceNet Launch

- Release the final version and launch the service, expand ForceNode functionality to support the ForceNet network and launch the first batch of NetNodes

April - June 2018 - Ongoing Protocol Research

- Enhance the Force protocol used by the ForceNet network to operate in order to increase functionality, variety of services, increase performance and network resiliance

July - September 2018 - Future Partnerships

- Introduce major players in the industry to the ForceNet network with the aim of disrupting existing services and ensuring the long term health and service offering of ForceNet