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Token Sale Jan. 24, 2019 - Feb. 28, 2019
ICOMarks Rating 6.9 / 10
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price 1 HCXP = 0.12 USD
Platform Own

HCX PAY is an outsourced private coin and smart contract network to verify claims and affect payments utilizing crowd-sourced verifiers to adjudicate predefined contract terms. The network will significantly reduce the cost of deploying escrow or pooled-asset businesses including micro-finance, medical cost sharing, and social insurance programs.

The HCX PAY business model derives revenue from transaction processing fees. The token which is used on the HCX PAY blockchain is called HCXP. HCXP is a usage or utility token.

The HCX PAY team has a proven track record launching payment technology start-ups and working inside world class organizations including Fidelity Investments, Deloitte, Cigna, Lloyds Banking Group, IBM, Microsoft, and ConsenSys.

Q3-Q4 2018

Launch Mainnet;

Launch CRM;

Virtual Miner & Docker;

Auto Node Mgmt.

Q1 2019

PC Wallet Linux;

PC Wallet Windows;

Platform Expansion.

Q2 2019

Mobile Wallets;

Payment Hedging Contacts;

Merchant Payment API;

Platform Expansion.

Q2 - Q3 2019

Decentralized Data Wallet;

Patient Data & Session Access Control.

Q3 - Q4 2019

Provider Reputation Manager;

Health Contract Wizard;

Prediction Identity;


Q1 2020

Health Token Exchange;

Witness Network;

Pricing Dscovery;

Medical CLaims Process.

Q2 2020

Discovery Marketplace;

Ecosystem Live;

Platform Expansion;

Provider Patient Matching.

Q3 2020

AI Model API;

Distributed Machine Learning.