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International Disability Chain IDAC Creating the world's leading decentralized digital assets for disability and serving the public welfare ecosystem of 650 million people around the world with disablities, Let the 650 million people with disabilities around the world live with more dignity

Blockchain technology helps the disabled IDAC is committed to solving the great cause of poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation. It bears the bond and bridge between the world's disabled and healthy people, and enables more healthy people to join the cause of public welfare and help people with disabilities. Inner responsibility, care and help. 650 million disabled people saw the hope and the future because of IDAC, and the help chain was in action, causing the pain of the disabled to disappear until it died. The blockchain helps the public welfare sector to achieve things that were previously unthinkable and to address the pain points of the public welfare industry. The ecologically sound, transparent, real and efficient construction of blockchain technology decentralizes, trusts, and reconstructs the production relationship so that everyone can gain value by creating value. This not only solves the most basic survival problems of disabled people, but also solves their sense of respect and value.

1 June 2018

Website&Whitepaper Online

1 September 2018

ERC 20 Token Sale
Private Sale
Pre Sale
Main Sale

October 2018

ERC 20 Token On Exchange

October 2018

IDAC TestNet Online Integrate Wallet Released

October 2018

PoW Mining System Released
PoW Mining System with a new mining algorithm, x16r[13].

December 2018

IDAC 1.0 Released Integrate Wallet Released.