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The majority of cryptocurrencies are not secured by anything, and the concept of their value is based on expectations of their potential. Among other things, in the cryptocurrency market there is no proper regulation and formed legal framework, which is the root cause of fraudulent projects and market manipulation. These and other problems constrain the spread of cryptocurrencies and make it difficult for them to be widely accepted as a convenient means of payment.

To combine both the “normal” economy and the crypto economy, IMMO proposes that it will become a world reserve cryptocurrency. IMMO’s value will be backed by real-world material assets that reflect its fundamental value. This backing is possible thanks to a unique legal structure where ownership of a token guarantees the owner legal rights and gives them the ability to vote concerning the development of the IMMO project. Through a decentralized and open community of crypto experts and Evangelists, IMMO creates a solid Foundation of trust and security for all token holders.

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