IP2PGO Token
IP2PGO Token (GO)
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Token Sale May 1, 2019 - July 31, 2019
TrackICO Rating 3.3 / 5
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Token price 0.01154791 USD
Platform Ethereum

IP2PGO App is an escrow P2P marketplace where users can trade ERC20 tokens using local fiat currency. Launched in Oct 2018, it is now available as localised Apps in 11 countries with over 4800 users. We are currently developing a DEX & will implement a “Hub & Spoke” model to connect IP2PGO Apps (crypto/fiat) to the IP2PGO-DEX (crypto/crypto). GO token was issued in Dec 2018 as the platform token. The purpose of the ‘Reverse ICO’ is to raise funding for trade liquidity, marketing & back-end infrastructure.

IP2PGO is undertaking a Reverse ICO. The difference between our normal ICO vs our Reverse ICO are as shown below:
I) ICOs are done by startups that have no market history vs. IP2P Global Ltd is not a start up. Established since 2015 as iP2PMoney, the company has grown in strength since its first foray in P2P Fiat Lending Marketplace in 2016.
II) ICOs have no user or customer base vs.iP2PGO App is now available in 11 countries and growing, user base currently stands at 4806 members.
III) ICOs are done by the companies that lack existing products or services vs. IP2PGO App and its escrow smart contract was developed in-house, the App was successfully commercialised in October 2018. Our development team is now working on iP2PGO-DEX.
IV) ICOs have no recognized team of professionals vs.the management team of iP2P Global Ltd. has a combined 100 years experience in banking, capital markets, retail banking and coding.
V) ICOs have the risks of project failure or being scam vs. iP2PGO project is not a scam, its a real business with real people and real achievements.

Launch of IP2PGO-DEX

Targeted to be by end June 2019, the launch of IP2PGO-DEX will also coincides with the retirement of ETH & USDT pairing from iP2PGO App

Start of internal market making operation

Targeted to start not later than 14 days after the end of the Reverse ICO, the market making operations will only be launched if the soft cap has been achieved.