Jobhire (JBHR)
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Token Sale Unspecified - Unspecified
ICOMarks Rating 6.5 / 10
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Token price 1 JBHR = 0.0001 ETH
Platform Ethereum

JobHire is a decentralized peer-to-peer freelance system in which buyers/clients and freelancers/service providers can conduct business and exchange of money for services not using binding smart contracts with reputation and cash in escrow.
We intend to fuse economic initiative with reputation into one by tokenizing reputation and assigning it a value. Thus, all parties, moderators included (if need be), have a common goal to act honestly, since they all have a common interest - which is to exchange services and monies.

Q1 2019

Publish Whitepaper.

Q2 2019

Check the separate smart contract of the block based block-based JobHire.

Develop a privacy policy for transparently distributed services between buyers and sellers on an ERC20 platform.

Q3 2019

JBHR Token Pre-sale.

Q4 2019

Test the services of the algorithm in the ecosystem on the Blockchain platform, the ability to extend the decentralized application to third parties.

Q1 2020

Market ecosystem analysis for an overview of potential services 2019- 2020.

Q2 2020

Formally deploys applications and algorithms in the ecosystem on the 2.0 Smart Contract.

Q3 2020

Improved security, enhanced security.

Open the ecosystem page.

Q4 2020

Launch of JobHire Project (JBHR) - ICO.

Q1 2021

Launch local Exchange.

Binance, Yobit Associates API Report.

Debut APP.

Service-to-service exchange link between service user and service provider in currency (JBHR).

Q2 2021

International conferences, global events.

Ecosystem-wide analysis on the connection of essential services to users and service providers.

Q3 2021

Cooperate in linking services with partner companies.

Develop a business platform that connects businesses.

Increasing investment, expand market.

Develop the ecological brand name in the world.

Q4 2021

Start developing payment gateways of transactions in the ecosystem.

Investment in technology and facilities.

Develop diplomacy, cooperation with bilateral trade partners.


Start ATM, smart card.

Expand the JobHire ecosystem.