Loteo (LOTES)
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Token Sale March 1, 2019 - April 30, 2019
ICOMarks Rating 7.2 / 10
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Token price 1 LOTES = 0.05 EUR
Platform Ethereum

Loteo is digital automated lottery platform that uses blockchain and smart contracts to create a fully transparent lottery, where your chances are incomparably higher compared to conventional lotteries.

LOTES is a security token which is meant to be sold only in private funding round (the STO). There will not be any public sale, for all investment requirements, please fill the form on the website www.playloteo.com. This token grants owners an opportunity to profit from being part of a lottery without being attendees in amount 20% of each prize total value. The LOTES are locked for 15 months and during this time it is not possible to buy or sell them anywhere else. After the first 15 months pass, there will be another funding round during which LOTEO will sell at least 30% of all tokens in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. All details will be revealed before this event. After selling these tokens, the token will be listed on exchanges. After 15 months,maximum 20% of all security tokens will be owned by the lottery while 80% will be decentralized, preventing the lottery from being manipulated. The token also has a governing function, meaning any significant change has to be achieved by consensus and any token holder can issue a suggestion or voting.

Q1 2019


Project funding.

Testing weekly lottery.

31/3 MVP ready.

31/3 WEB starts.

Q2 2019

Bug bounty.

Soft launch 1/5.

Hard launch 1/6 .

Promo campaign.

BTC payment available.

Q3 2019

Launch Daily lottery.

Card payment.

Mobile message payments locally.

Q4 2019

Launch of 3rd game.

Mobile message payments spreading.

Q1 2020

iOS & Android app.

Special announcement.

Q3 2020

External API integration.

LOTES unlock, 2nd PS round.

LOTEO games.

Q4 2020

LOTES exchange listing.


LOTEO Bets - P2P Bets system.

LOTEO Tickets available throught 3rd parties.


LOTEO B2B Platform.