Luxbio (BIO)
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Token Sale Oct. 18, 2018 - Jan. 19, 2019
ICOBench Rating 2.2 / 5 ICOMarks Rating 2.8 / 10
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price 1 BIO = 0.15 USD
Platform Ethereum

Lux Bio Coin (LBC), is also ready to dash out to the market.

LBC is a utility coin that can be used for medical treatment in facilities in Korea, China and Japan. We established stem cell treating hospital in Jeju, Korea and plan to expand it to Japan in 2019. Once LBC holders can freely use these facilities at a reasonable price, more and more individual and institutes will find it interesting and valuable. Through Lux Bio program, we have teamed up with prominent medical doctors from a major plastic surgery group, REGEN, and our main focus lies on utilizing stem cell not only for anti-aging care but also 360-degree health care programs.
When virtual currency is usable, we believe that it will bear true value – and we think that’s why we will succeed.

Team members

Seok-jun Lee
hae-Kwon Kim
ju-tae Kim
Hong-il Ma
Samada Takao
James Jeon
Myeong-jun Oh
Dong-rak Kim
Young-geun Shin
Hoon Han
Tae-uk Kim
Arai Ken
Min-gyu Kim
Yong-moon Kim
kyung-sun Ryu
Dong-il Eom
Kwang-soo Kim
Lead Blockchain Developer
Sang-hee Yoon
Platform Planning Manager
Sung-Hwan Kim
Development Team Manager
Young-jin Lee
Web Designer Team Manager
Sung-hee Noh
Crypto Planning Team Assistant Manager
Yun-tae Roh
Development team deputy general manager
Sang-il Han
Kun-sik Song
Web Programmer
Dae-young Lee
Client Programer & App Developer
Jae-guek Hong
Web Designer
Ban-seok Jung
Crypto Planning Team Assistant Manager
Hyunki-ki Pyo
Game Planning Manager
Young-sim cha
Web publisher
Eung-Seok Wang
Security Manager
Sang-yoon Lee
Web Programmer
Ahreum Han
Crypto Planning Team Assistant Manager
Zhang Xiaowei
Crypto Planning Team Assistant Manager
Crypto Planning Team Assistant Manager

ICO Advisors

This ICO doesn't have any advisors.
September 2018

Private Sale.


October 2018

Jeju Cell Bank Construction.

October - November 2018

1st Pre-Sale (Oct. 15~Nov.14)

Commencement of Japan Stem Cell

Center Construction.

November - December 2018

2nd Pre-Sale (Nov. 15~Dec.14).

December 2018 - January 2019

Public ICO (Dec. 20~Jan.20, 2019)

February 2019

Japan Center Treatment Launch.

March 2019

DBE Platform Beta Test.

May 2019

DBE Platform Open.

Jeju Cell Bank Construction Complete.

Dedicated Accommodation Service.