MobaCoin (MBC)
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Token Sale April 25, 2019 - July 25, 2019
ICOMarks Rating 8.4 / 10 TrackICO Rating 4.4 / 5
Whitelist/KYC Whitelist
Token price 0.0434925 USD
Platform Ethereum

Mobacoin is a digital currency that we created as tokens that we specialize in for mobaexchange, mobacoin is designed using a contract smart ethereum. using code specify ERC-20.

Function of mobacoin :
1.Digital currency
Mobacoin was created so that it can be used as a global digital currency, which can be used by all cryptocurrency users throughout the world.

2.Main fiat
Mobacoin is also created as the main fiat in the future moba exchange. we also target mobacoin to enter many Exchange.

3.Main pair
We will use Mobacoin as one of the pairs on the mobaexchange.

4.Purchasing products
Mobacoin will be used to purchase products in our marketplace.

5.Exchange fees
You can use mobacoin to buy anything in our exchange,


Project Concept
Project Published


Airdrop Start
ICO Start


Aidrop End
Cooperation Planning
ICO end
Work for MobaEx building
MobaCoin listing program


*MobaEx Platform
MobaEx Testing
MobaEx Launching program
Open vote in MobaEx
Working for E-commerce as features mobaEx


Marketplace (E-Commerce) Building
Marketplace launching program
App Building
Update Roadmap