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Pre-Sale May 20, 2018 - Aug. 17, 2018
Token Sale June 20, 2019 - Jan. 20, 2020
ICOMarks Rating 4.2 / 10
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price 1 MPH = 0.16 USD
Platform Ethereum

Mphone XR uses the AES encryption algorithm with a key of 256-bit and TwoFish. This is done to guarantee the reliability of the cipher. The encryption algorithm AES-256 is used in the state structures of the USA for encryption of information classified as SECRET and TOP SECRET. So, the use of a single encryption algorithm AES-256 already makes the information transmitted by MPHONE XR secure, and an additional overlay algorithm Twofish, give perfect 100% protection.

Voice call security is ensured by a combination of multiple technologies and protocols. For signaling (for example, about the beginning of a call), the SIP TLS Protocol is used. The audio channel is protected using symmetric cipher AES/Twofish 256 bits, which is using ZRTP. The ICE Protocol decides which method to use for communication of subscribers: if the connection through STUN has passed, then P2P with ZRTP is used, if the proxy connection does not pass directly, then TURN with ZRTP is used.

September 2017

Research and study of the IT market.

January 2018

Development of the main idea of the start-up - "Mining-phone" and connection of specialists for its implementation.

July 2018

Modeling smartphone technologies and creating your own prototype of the Mphone model.

October 2018

Creating a media plan and setting up an advertising campaign.

December 2018

Closed Founders' Conference.

January 2019


February 2019

Starting the ICO.

2nd decade 2020

Production of mobile mining chips CMC (Compact Mobile Chip).

2nd decade 2020

Development of Mphone OS and software.

1st decade 2021

Development and subsequent release of Mining-phone devices Official presentation of the Mphone lineup in Hong Kong Creating a production line Development of distribution channels.