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Token Sale Feb. 10, 2019 - Aug. 10, 2019
TrackICO Rating 3.9 / 5
Whitelist/KYC Whitelist & KYC
Token price -0.21574 USD
Platform Ethereum

Our vision is to make crypto-shopping, short „crypping“, possible for everyone everywhere.
While the demand for attractive and innovative payment options with crypto currencies con¬tinues to rise, there are no real impulses on the provider side for applications of crypto cur¬rencies. To be able to pay with crypto currencies in our daily life is currently not possible, or only possible to a limited extent. NOBOBOX will be the innovative pioneer to be able to shop everywhere with crypto. NOBOBOX users will be able to pay online as well as in their ever¬yday life at stationary PoS with different crypto currencies. Only then will crypto currencies become a real means of payment and offer users a real added value, since crypto can finally be used to pay for goods or services.

What is our Unique Selling Point (USP)?
With our innovative business areas „NOBOCARD hybrid“ and „PLUG‘N‘PAY“, we offer a holistic approach for buyers and merchants to use crypto in the usual way for shopping, be it statio¬nary or online. The needs of all stakeholder groups - traders, buyers and shareholders - are met. Our unique selling point is the unlimited payment option with different crypto currencies and Fiat money- for everyone and everywhere. We thus create the conditions for secure, transparent, efficient and also international payment processing with various digital curren¬cies and Fiat money . Our advantage lies in particular in the high level of security, reliability and fast payment processing. Following the Initial Token Sale (ITS), NOBOBOX has set itself the goal of maximizing the shopping experience with innovative service products. As usual, all users can shop as they wish and now pay with different crypto currencies in addition to the established payment method in euros, dollars, etc. All stakeholders benefit from the innovative character of the NOBOBOX ecosystem.

Our NOBOCARD hybrid represents a crypto/debit and credit card in one single card in order to pay with crypto at all Visa or Mastercard acceptance points, while the merchant, as usual, receives fiat money - i.e. euros, dollars, etc. Our goal is to make the crypto experience even easier and more attractive.

With the PLUG‘N‘PAY service, NOBOBOX opens up new possibilities for merchants to accept payments with crypto. With PLUG‘N‘PAY, merchants can now accept different crypto curren¬cies in addition to established payment options with Fiat money and win new target groups and thus conquer new markets

Q4 2017

- Idea finding and conception of the NOBOBOX®
- Determination of the required financial and personnel resources
- Start of the first planning phase for the software architecture

Q1 2018

- First draft of the whitepaper
- Strategy development for the market launch of NOBOBOX®
- expansion of the development team
- Development start of the token architecture
- Creation of the security infrastructure
- Development start of the front- and backend

Q2 2018

- Start Onboarding from merchants
- Framework for bridging of backend and blockchain
- database development
- Planning of hardware environment for launch
- Start Smart Contract Development
- System integration of the ETH blockchain function

Q3 2018

- Development Landingpage
- Inhouse-Testing Backend
- Security Structure Backend
- Finalization database development

Q4 2018

- Completion of the first planning phase

Q1 2019

- Expansion of the team
- Splitting up of domain teams and start of individual projects
- expansion of office location
- Development of the final CI/CD environment
- Integration of the Nobotoken into the NOBOBOX payment system
- Development of wallet functionality
- Integration of wallets into the payment system
- Starting and Executing the Initial Token Sales
- Live Support Service During the ITS
- Beta version payment processing Plug‘n‘Pay

Q2 2019

- Setting up the test environment and test workflow
- comprehensive test phase for prognosis and prevention incl. server load balance
- first performance tunings

Q3 2019

- Extensive tests and audits for the security of the CRX network
- Launch and rollout of the Nobocard hybrid
- Start NOBOBOX® App on iOS / Android

Q4 2019

- Development of further modules and features
- Expansion of the partnership network
- Expansion of the team

Q1 2020

- performance tunings
- Expansion of the team

Q2 2020

- Market penetration: Market entry into further countries