Paxcoin (PAX)
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Token Sale Unspecified - Unspecified
ICOMarks Rating 6.6 / 10
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price 1 PAX = 0.5 USD
Platform Ethereum

PAXCoin belongs to the area of cryptocurrency 2.0 , the area where encrypted money contributes to daily life.Cryptocurrency 2.0 incorporates block-chain technology to enable reliability , time and cost savings in inter-personal, inter-company and inter-nation transactions. PAXCoin has the best security and reliability and is the best encryption currency that does not require exchanges between individuals, corporations, and countries through the establishment of payment and settlement systems.

November 2017

PAXCoin Source;

Code release.

December 2017

Signed an agreement to cooperate in Central and South America's Blockchain business (MITO Cooperation Co., Ltd).

January 2018

Visit to Central and South America;

Discuss basic cooperation measures.

March 2018

Submits Blockchain technology cooperation LOI (Letter of Intent) to MIPPCOEXIN;

Founded Cryptocurrency Exchange in US (VENTAS USA).

April 2018

Sponsoring Korea Blockchain Summit 2018;

First working meeting.

May 2018

Second Working Meeting @ Korea.

June 2018

Sign cooperation and investment contract.

September 2018

Source code release for National Public Cryptocurrency Includes:

e-Wallet – IOS , ANDROID, PC;


Mining Pool.

October 2018

Open Beta test: Central and South America.

November 2018

Venezuela FICTEC 2018 exhibition PAXCoin System Technology.

December 2018

Venezuela exchange;

Market listing.

March 2019

More Cryptocurrency exchange partnership establishment and announcement.