Pharmeum (PHRM)
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TrackICO Rating 3.7 / 5 ICOMarks Rating 8.6 / 10
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Token price 1 PHRM = 0.3 USD
Platform Ethereum

Pharmeum is the world's first blockchain-based prescription platform with AI health analytics, which is currently working alongside the National Health Service (NHS) in England.
The Pharmeum platform is an inter-operable, decentralised, digital prescription platform running over an intelligent neural network. Empowering patients’ ownership of their medication history, and enabling affordable access to healthcare globally. Medical errors and late diagnoses are minimised by using a permissioned blockchain integrated with artificial intelligence. Pharmeum is an advanced, digitised, health eco-system.The Pharmeum blockchain will improve medicine affordability, minimise errors, and create frictionless, quality care for patients.

Q2 2017

Pharmeum was born.

Q3 2017

Conceptualization of solutions.

Q4 2017

Research on frameworks in place.

Q1 2018

Testing Blockchains.

Q2 2018

BluePatient V1.0 created and trialled in the NHS, angel investment.

Q3 2018

Proof of Concept V1.0 created.

Q4 2018

MVP development, MFSA approval, Token pre-sales start.

Q1 2019

PHRM Public ICO, Working MVP in place.

Q2 2019

UK trials of Pharmeum.

Q3 2019

Neural network development.

Q4 2019

Pharmeum AI Health Algorithm in use.

Q1 2020

EHR and Telehealth integration, Trials across Asia and USA.

Q2 2020

Integration of a supply chain tracking service.

Q3 2020

Widespread adoption of the Pharmeum platform.

Q4 2020

Enabling 3rd party developers to build apps on the Pharmeum platform.