Pindex (PINDEX)
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Token Sale Oct. 20, 2017 - Feb. 20, 2018
ICOBench Rating 3.8 / 5 ICOMarks Rating 6.6 / 10
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price 1.5740 USD
Platform Ethereum

Pindify is a blockchain based online market platform for providers of music, art & media.

Pindify aims to become the “Amazon” of music, arts & media. Providers can open their stores (portfolios) on the Pindify market and earn revenues on content and relations - even more than they can earn on YouTube or Spotify.

Team members

Christoffer Bolinder Wallin
Chief Executive Officer
Johan Lindgren
Chief Operation Officer
Oskar Gillström
Chief Commercial Officer
Pavlo Shabat
Chief Technical Officer
Mikael Friberg
Chief Marketing Officer
Sara Öhman
Chief Social Officer
Sebastian Uddén
Chief Investment Officer
Tomas Wallin
Chief Financial Officer
Mathias Mattsson
Chief Design Officer
Antoun Toubia
Investor & Chairman, United Capital Investments
Jason Butcher
COO & Founder, Coinpayments & Parallel Payments
Ian Scarffe
Founder & Investor,
Benjamin Theobald
Co-Founder & Investor, ICO Global

ICO Advisors

This ICO doesn't have any advisors.
Q1 2017

Secure all connections from & to our applications.

Q2 2017

Android, iOS, ReactJS Native mobile applications.

Q2 2017

Update ReactJS optimize load, SEO & responsiveness.

Q3 2017

Secure platform, publication, admin, token & blockchain.

Q3 2017

Portfolios, Settings, Payments, Members, & Analytics.

Q4 2017

Display portfolio, discovery, stash, live chat, & clusters;

New workload stream, preload & Web Rtc livestream.

Q1 2018

Update karma, analytics, consumption, & earnings.

Q1 2018

Matching content, portfolios, geography & preferences.

Q2 2018

Trading content such as tickets, downloads, & merch.

Q3 2018

Library of lists, radio, exclusive albums, ebooks.

Q2 2019

Artistes Funding events, hiring & investments.

Q3 2019

Branding with matching affiliation with market segments.