PlannerScape (PLAN token)
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Token Sale March 15, 2019 - June 12, 2019
ICOMarks Rating 6.5 / 10
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price Unspecified
Platform Ethereum

PlannerScape is the future of work. We re-imagine it as a sophisticated decentralized workplace that uses artificial intelligence (“AI”), blockchain, and cloud computing to achieve a more rewarding and more balanced lifestyle. Similar to GPS navigation, PlannerScape automatically and instantly responds to changing circumstances to plot the most effective way through work and personal lives. With PlannerScape, users can enjoy more rewarding lifestyles and greater peace of mind by maximizing time and leveraging the benefits of the sharing economy.

In accordance with our roadmap we’ve finished the custom chain for reputation profiles, the machine learning models for the AI, the UI for the product and the MVP for the commercial product (demos are available upon request). The first commercial version will be ready in Q2 2019.

The PLAN Token is used in a variety of ways in order to enable unique features and to act as a medium of exchange between users, bypassing the typical 20-30% operational risk of traditional platforms. Within the eco-system, the token represents time, or work done, which allows people to work remotely, or rather have a decentralized workplace in an environment that we believe is the future of work.


The idea.




Proof of concept.

Q1 & Q2 2018

Adding blockchain.

Q3 2018

Development of alpha version.

Q4 2018

Public MVP release.

Q1 2019

PlannerScape Concierge release.

Q2 2019

Personal and professional editions release.

Q3 2019

Corporate edition release.

Q4 2019

PlannerScape Marketplace release.

Q1 2020

Enterprise edition release.