PlayerOne (PLO)
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ICOMarks Rating 6.7 / 10
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Token price 0.0000 USD
Platform Ethereum

At PlayerOne, we envision our protocol to lay the groundwork for a reliable gamer database, a New Trust Layer, whereby gamers and related industry participants can reduce costs while instilling value in gamers’ experience.

2018 Q4

Protocol Initiative

API, Authentication, Admin

ID Verification, Player Data Integration

Blockchain Smart Contract

2019 Q1

Service Initiative

Gamer Search & Gamer Page

P2P Reputation & Reward system

PLO Wallet

2019 Q2

Service Advanced 1.0

Team Management System 1.0

Marketplace (Game Gift Card, Blockchain games, e-Coupon)

2019 Q3

Protocol Expansion

PlayerOne OAuth for Publisher

PlayerOne Data API

Payment Gateway API

2019 Q4

Service Advanced 2.0

Team Management System 2.0

Player Trading System

2020 Q1

Service Expansion 1.0

Game Tutoring System

2020 Q2

Service Expansion 2.0

Community-based e-sports League

Tournament System, Customized Leader Board

2020 Q3

Business 1.0

Game Marketing System

e-Sports Marketplace (Ticketing, Goods)

2020 Q4

Business 2.0

Game Distribution Platform