Pledgecamp (PLG)
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Platform Ethereum

Pledgecamp is the next generation of crowdfunding. Current platforms, such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, have given incredible opportunities to entrepreneurs and helped create a multi-billion dollar market. But the crowdfunding 1.0 model has been flawed since emerging a decade ago.

Q1 2018

Inception: Team & Advisors Assembled

Market Research under National Science Foundation

Q2 2018

Top-10 FIA Finalist, Keynote by Riccardo “Fluffypony” Spagni

Pledgecamp on Main Stage at Forbes Impact Summit

Q3 2018

Secured Humanity 2.0, Laudato Si’ Challenge, MetaLab partnerships

Appearance on Fox Business News live broadcast

Q4 2018

Kick-off Discovery phase with MetaLab

Prototype Development and Launch with MouseBelt

Q1 2019

Advanced Wireframes delivery with MetaLab

Begin Final Platform Implementation with Mousebelt

Q2 2019

Final UX/UI Delivery with MetaLab

Market Network & Knowledge Center Beta Implementation

Q3 2019

Market Network & Knowledge Center Beta Implementation

Platform Backend, Smart Contract MVP Implementation

Q4 2019

Full Platform Launch