Pointnity Network
Pointnity Network (PONT)
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Token Sale Unspecified - Unspecified
ICOMarks Rating 5.1 / 10
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price 1 PONT = 4.34 ETH
Platform Ethereum

Pointnity Network is a block-running Turing-complete blockchain system. The system uses the intelligent multi-dimensional scalability solution (isospeed, isoefficiency) to analyze and coordinate the calculation and storage series between nodes in real time without compromise. Under the principle of decentralization, high-concurrency computing and high-throughput operation of the whole network can be realized. It includes distributed information display storage function, high-performance underlying bearer architecture and multi-functional cross-chain interaction protocol. For this purpose, it will aim at Solve the problem of uncoordinated problems and islands in the current blockchain.

November 2017

Team formation.

February 2018

Create Pointnity.

April 2018

Publish white papers and build communitites.

May 2018


July 2018


December 2018

Improve the deployment of Pointnity test network.

July 2019

Release of official ice network version.

September 2019

Improve ecological construction an promote the development of block companies.