Qbao (QBT)
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Token price Unspecified
Platform Ethereum

Qbao is a Qtum based social network that incorporates mobile terminals, desktop, various web systems and browser plugins, designed to be the "WeChat" built on the Qtum protocol (the Qbao Platform). This whitepaper sets out the Foundation's proposed plan for the network, product design and various application scenarios of Qbao Platform and the usage of Qbao Token (QBT).

The Foundation aims to serve the Qtum community and global blockchain users, enabling people to better experience the new generation of blockchain technology, Qtum, and various other decentralised applications (DAPP) based on Qtum. The Foundation aims to popularise blockchain technology in the more traditional Internet fields through Qbao Platform by allowing users to experience the functionality and charm of blockchain technology. The Foundation's vision is for Qbao Platform to become a social network similar to the WeChat network, which has a complete ecosystem of services and ancillary services.


Qbao v1.1 officially released

Multi-cryptocurrencies are acceptable


Qbao v1.2 officially released

Qtum and smart contract transaction


A reliable social network


Cross-chain technology

ETH supported

Payment infrastructure


Digital-currency payment and settlement platform

Commercials interface & management platform


OTC dealmaking


Asset Management Function

DAPP store


A fully functioning perfect payment and settlement system

Open API

App Skins


A financial platform


Collaborate with a large number of offline businesses and online game and entertainment platforms