Qcity (QCTN)
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Token Sale Dec. 24, 2018 - Feb. 28, 2019
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QCity is going to progress ICO with Liquid exchange.
Qcity is a project that was directly planned by Qnapse, a company specializing in the development of block chain services made up of fin-tech experts such as point & pay, settlement, and security engineers.
Within the Q-platform operated as a private block chain, it forms a collaborative community without intermediaries.
Using smart contracts, it is possible to fund and operate mutual loans between p2p-type merchants and share infrastructure, manpower and materials.
The Q-platform's member-stores become each node, able to participate directly in the platform operating and making decisions for mutual benefit receiving various services such as joint purchase or contract, and generate profits.

The Qcity team has successfully developed Hybrid consensus algorithm 'SOW' (PoS + PoO + PoW) powerful in security.
The 'SOW algorithm' was filed on September 21, 2018,
On November 19, 2018, the patent registration was completed at the Korean Intellectual Property Office.
Applied to Qcity core (QT) on November 1, 2018, and made public through github.
Qcity created the Genesis block on November 12, 2017 and so far it has been operating very stable.
The Qcity team tries to connect real business with Qcity recognized as a technology.
The Qcity team has 20 years of experience in technology development and also has excellent mobile Wallet development technology.
‘The combination of cryptocurrency and business' will not be just a transfer of value, but a future payment method in which business information interacts together.
Also the Qcity team is interested in "Social benefits using block-chain technology" and is developing a Q-platform for this purpose.

Qcity Development

2017/ 11/ 30 Qcity Development Core, wallet, Explorer, Mining pool

Qcoin development

2018/ 8/ 31 Qcoin main-net development


2018/ 9/ 1 Q-platform development Kick-off

Patent registration

2018/ 11/ 19 Registered with the Korean Intellectual Property Office(Proof of Online)

ICO with Exchange

2018/ 12/ 24 QCity is going to progress ICO with Liquid exchange.