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Token Sale March 7, 2019 - Dec. 31, 2019
TrackICO Rating 4.1 / 5
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price 0.5 USD
Platform Own Blockchain

The main design goal of QCoin and Quantum1Net is to create a digital financial system that uses networking as an underlying value, just like the internet works in the sense that everyday internet networking creates value for ISPs, Online Merchants and others. As an overlaying network based on the Internet with blockchain technology and Quantum Protection can be decentralized, truthful, transparent and free of intermediaries.

Quantum1Net firmly believes that it is an irreversible trend that services become distributed and decentralized. To reach this goal, Quantum1Net takes a very different underlying design:

* Use the latest block to randomly nominate micro signing close to the transaction source
       QCoin transactions made in New York are signed in New York by a pseudo-random nomination function that removes the 51% attack completely.
With micro and macro transactions paths shorter so that transactions can be completed faster, store purchase data or IoT function data do not need to be spread globally for a transaction to be concluded

* Decentralized service control mechanism = Service Manifests
       This mechanism makes trust-less decentralized services possible. Without a control mechanism, decentralized services cannot be maintained. So the Service Manifest is an amazing breakthrough for decentralization.

Distributed Computing instead of Smart Contracts:
As ”Smart Contracts” as small pieces of code meant to run on a small Virtual Machine and is not distributed in their execution, Quantum1Net is designing a full, distributed computing platform so that any digital service can be deployed on Quantum1Net and gain the benefits of decentralization.
Service Manifests are called upon as middleware that verifies the permissions and policies of a decentralized service, thereby creating the worlds first solution of a multi-service fully decentralized service platform.

* Service Manifest generation
       The difference between writing a Smart Contract and generating a Service Manifest is like night and day, with a Smart Contract you need to learn a specific programming language and learn how to test it properly as when it is deployed it cannot be edited. Instead, let's say you are looking to generate a Service Manifest for hosting a Web-Page, you just start the Manifest generator and enter the service address (wallet address) and chose if it will be hosted on one specific Node, spread over some specific nodes or be fully distributed, and push go. Your service can be edited by calling up the service manifest again edit it, push update, and it is that simple.

* Quantum1Net lightweight State Machine
       Quantum1Net uses a lightweight State Machine instead of Turing Incomplete Virtual machine. That so we can guarantee short boot times and don't take any resources compared to a Virtual Machine. The setup of the State Machine includes a series of cryptographic instructions that optimize execution efficiency.

Other Features:
* Better Scalability: AI optimized data routing
       When competing with traditional networking technology solutions, routing is the handicap of decentralized technology. The data packets need to move further in a decentralized network if the nodes are not mapped and their capacity knows at a given time. Quantum1Net uses AI to optimize routing with knowledge of the underlying infrastructure and can, therefore, shape the network topography at a given time to fit specific nodes requests for service data.

* Quantum-computer-proof technology:
       The emergence of quantum computers creates a major challenge to RSA and ECC-based cryptographic mechanisms. For quantum computers can solve theses cryptographic problems in an extremely short time. Using in-house developed data tunnels for P2P connection encrypted with Quantum Mechanical generated seeds and key exchange using cellular automata. The ECC parts of the blockchain have been replaced with the Quantum Safe Merkel tree XMMS.


YMIR [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ymir] Is our first and most basic version it does not do a lot
but shows the basic functions of the Yggdrasil Blockchain [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yggdrasil],
we are basing the versioning naming of the system on Scandinavian mythology, for a simple read you
have Neil Gaiman's ‘Norse Mythology’ [https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/37903770-norse-mythology]
for more advanced you can read the Edda [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poetic_Edda].

Full mesh
Yggdrasil Wallet
Transfer Ⓠ coin between wallets


BURI [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%C3%BAri] adds a lot of features.
Start running your own Q1N node and mint Ⓠ coins,
Encrypted Tunnels between all nodes and clients, Wallets to hold and use Beta Ⓠ coins,
There will be a DPN client so that we can all connect to the ClearNet in a safe way,
we will demonstrate how to run your own web server on Q1N so your service never needs to enter the ClearNet.

No Stake needed to run any Minting Node
Encrypted tunnels
Terminal-based DPN Client
Socks5 based Service Node
Quantum1Net web server on the Quantum1Net
Service Node to Exit Quantum1Net in Tenerife
Minted Ⓠ coins pass to Phase Two


BOR [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borr] you will need to have a stake to run a Q1N node,
if you don’t have a stake you can email us and we will help you with that,
the Tunnels are upgraded to Quantum security levels so the system is fully ready for the
coming Quantum Computer Enhanced Hacking fest,
There will be the first release of a GUI wallet and DPN client,
the underlying MeshNet will extend and be controlled by a learning algorithm
that uses ‘network trust’ to achieve maximum performance.

Stake Needed =2000 Coins [Receive by email Wallet Address to Quantum1Net]
Quantum Safe tunnels
GUI based DPN Client
Socks5 based Service Node
Quantum1Net web server on the Quantum1Net
Service Node to Exit Quantum1Net in Tenerife, Germany, Sweden
Minted Ⓠ coins pass to Phase Three
Controlled Mesh by trust levels


BESTLA [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bestla] this is the final version before we hit full release,
just as Bestla was the mother of Odin the All father, she will also be the Mother of Q1N MainNet.
The main feature that is brought online is the balancing of minting by having No-Stake areas and times,
so that if you are new to the system you can still enter and start running a minting node.

Stake Needed =2000 Coins [Receive by email Wallet Address to Quantum1Net]
Test No-Stake Areas and Periods
GUI based Client Node with Geo-location
Socks5 based Service Node
Quantum1Net web server on the Quantum1Net
Service Node to Exit Quantum1Net in Tenerife, Germany, Sweden
1/100 of minted Ⓠ coins pass over to MainNet
Controlled Mesh by trust levels

Main release v1.0 [Odin]

This is where QCoin is release in the wild.