Quinto S.A. Sponsorship
Quinto S.A. Sponsorship (QSA)
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Token Sale March 10, 2019 - June 1, 2019
ICOMarks Rating 5.1 / 10
Whitelist/KYC Not needed
Token price 1 QSA = 0.00125 BTC
Platform Ethereum

Quinto S.A. (“Quinto”) is a provably fair gaming system, built upon the explosive growth in online gaming, particularly on mobile devices, and has created a streamlined system for the lottery, dice, and bingo games. Quinto’s Lottery and Bingo games are also 100% pari-mutuel and this allows Quinto to offer enticing jackpots within these games.

Our token is neither a security or utility token but designed as a sponsorship (event-driven backer) token. The majority (80.00%) of funds raised are kept in a cold wallet (“Escrow”) to ensure the ability to pay jackpot winners. However, Quinto will be purchasing event-driven insurance against the first QuintoBTC Lottery (based on fiat amount). Because of the volatility of Bitcoin, Quinto is unable to secure event-driven insurance based on Bitcoin.

Sponsor liability is reduced upon each wager within any game, and a fee percentage is charged to the jackpot pool based on the probability of a game for reimbursement to the sponsors. Sponsors will continue to receive percentages of each jackpot as an incentive until all jackpots become self-funding for two consecutive games.

100% of QSA token distribution is for sponsors, as there are no tokens reserved for staff or administrators. Use of funds is simplified – 80% is held in escrow for guaranteed jackpot payout and 20% is administrative use to secure additional jackpot insurance and finalize the development of our gaming software.

Q4 2018

All back-end game coding completed and tested.

January 2019

Start development of web-interface for games.

February 2019

QSA ICO Tokens Introduced.

March 2019

QSA Token Sales Begin • Launch Dice game (฿100.00 Jackpot).

April 2019

Launch Scratcher Game • Launch Bingo games.

May 2019

Secure Lottery Insurance ($5,000,000 or ฿1000.00) Launch • Lottery games (2-month purchase window for QuintoBTC Lottery).

May 2019

Secure Lottery Insurance ($5,000,000 or ฿1000.00) Launch • Lottery games (2-month purchase window for QuintoBTC Lottery).

June 2019

QSA Token Sales End • Start development on a mobile interface.

July 2019

First QuintoBTC Lottery Drawing with $5,000,000 guarantee (05 July 2019).

September 2019

Release mobile version of games.